17 09 2015


Warm days and cool nights are perfect.  The leaves in the back mountain are ever so slightly showing changes.  This summer has been a funny one.  With torrential rains and cool enough temperatures to warrant a wood stove being lit.  Terrible fires in the west with flooding everywhere.  Climate change is here to stay and we have to learn to live with the abrupt changes.


Packing up for the show I found my Cat Pincushions.  Well should I say what was left of two of them.  The cats found them and thought that they were cat toys and ripped them open only to find that there was no catnip in them only walnut shells.  I will have to make sure that the new ones I make are in cat proof boxes.



I have found a great Podcast for knitters called KnitBritish.  The pod cast are many and they want British people to buy wool grown and spun  in Britain.  I love it and encourage all you knitters here in the states to follow suit and buy only wool grown here when you can.   Not enough is done to encourage that but I do know that Liz of Sheep and Shawl carries many wool’s grown locally.

 I love listening to the podcast for he  helpful hints and interesting facts about the wool’s she finds.  It inspires me while I am working on my projects for shows.



I have been getting another order ready for Camp Wool in Kennebunk, Maine.  I have finished the purples today and am onto the flesh  and pumpkin colors .




Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog today.  Carole

lunch today








4 responses

17 09 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Really interesting Carole, I shall have a look at the podcasts. What mischievous little cats, what a shame. How dreadful for those affected by the fires and floods, I hope there were no lives lost. xx

17 09 2015

I think you will enjoy them Sharon. I have only listened to one but there are so many more. This afternoon will working on projects I will listen to another one.
Unfortunately there were deaths associated with the fires and many losses of homes. In the midwest there were flash flooding and loss of many woman and children. Some people in our country don’t believe in global warming but I sure do and see the effects of it right on my little farm. Monday the fellow will come and fix my drainage problem so that won’t be an issue anymore.
Hope all is well In England today.
Those kitties well I could see where they would think that they were toys.

20 09 2015
Anne Wilson

I would love to be able to get some Irish wool, I am hoping to knit an Aran jumper for Simon’s Christmas present, if I can’t get Irish I will try for British.
Our cats are pretty good at tuning things into their toys, but they still love the catnip toys you sent, and they haven’t destroyed them.

20 09 2015

Let me know when you need more cat toys I will be happy to send some along. I have;t been there for some time but Kerry Woolen Mills did carry Irish Wool. I believe they are either in or around Milltown. Wonderful place, they use to offer yarns, roving, blankets and clothing and some tourist stuff. I love the place, nice people and cats.

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