15 09 2015


Last night was chilly, I ended up closing most of the windows.  I am sowing bringing the porch plants in and have put my Amaryllis to bed for 6 weeks.


The fair was a wonderful event which I will do again next year.  Lots of friends came including Eliza  fellow blogger and Chris a student of mine.  More than half of the heating pads I made flew off the table.

A clown and his bubble machine

A clown and his bubble machine


I love Christa’s bags and this latest one is my favorite.  I carry my camera and iPad almost everywhere I go.  I don’t use a bulky computer bad but usually put it in my Purse.  This zippered bag is ideal for the camera, which fits into the pocket and my iPad. .  The long handle slips around my head and over my shoulder and is so secure.  She is making more so e-mail me if you are interested.




I have pulled up the beets and will get going on canning them soon.  They are in the way of the back excavation.   To say that I planted them late I had a great crop.

Fennel, sting beans, peppers and cherry tomatoes still doing well.


He is doing well, still not fond of the other kitties but that comes in time.  I am so glad that I got him he is a great addition to my cat famiy


He has such wonderful markings.

Poor Sam got locked in my sewing room for a day.  I heard his meowing from the porch and he was in the South bedroom window crying for help.  How smart of him.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I  hope you have a wonderful day.  We are in for a wonderful spell of warm days and cool nights.  Wonderful!



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19 09 2015
Eliza Waters

Way behind on my Reader! It was so nice to see you at the fair. Picked up a Crafts of Colrain brochure and saw that you are on the tour. Will have to stop by! Has the weather been fabulous?!

20 09 2015

I am way behind my reading too. I enjoyed our visit at the fair. Would love to see you on the tour. I do love this weather the drainage problem is going to be fixed tomorrow so glad the weather is holding. Still lots to do outside.

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