7 09 2015


Heat and humidity coming back.  


A truck load of watermelon at the hay farm.


last night while putting my side yard chickens to bed I heard the sound of a coyote in the back .  This is the first time that I have heard that sound on this mountain range.  Often they are heard howling on the mountain range across the river.  Well I expected this sooner or later.I will have to do some researching before winter comes.

This morning the sheep were out munching on  my son’ts lawn.  Somehow the gate was unhooked.  They came right back home when they saw my son.   I wonder how that happened.  That is the first time that has happened in all the years I have lived here.  Something else that has to be checked.

How dare someone accuse me of being out I would never do such a thing!

How dare someone accuse me of being out I would never do such a thing!

A skunk is visiting the farm and I am very glad when skunks are around there are no mice or rats.




Betty and Dylan came on Saturday and got more hay and Cindy and Chris got hay on Sunday.  My barn is almost full.  The hundred bales of hay are for the spring April through June.  I will keep buying hay throughout the winter but in those spring months there is often not much hay around  this way I should be safe till next haying season.  Thanks so much.

Cindy with a bale on the front seat

Cindy with a bale on the front seat



Yesterday I made another batch of salve.   Still have another batch brewing and the Poison Ivy Salve which I hope to make this week.



Yesterday everyone was making hay.  Great weather for it.   I think that there will be a good supply of second cut although it’s pretty pricey.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful summer day.  Carole






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7 09 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

You have so much going on at the moment Carole! I hope the coyotes don’t prove too much of a problem! It sounds as though skunks can be good news at times 🙂 So glad you have managed to get a good stock of hay in. the weather is really turning here in England and although we have had a beautiful day the mornings and evenings are really Autumnal! I hope you have a great week. x

8 09 2015

Always good to hear from you Sharon. I do love skunks they have such a bad reputation . They are so much fun to watch. So busy this week getting ready to do a fair this coming weekend. We are having hot hot hot weather with temps in the 90’s and high humidity. Love the cooler weather. Much needed rain coming in on Thursday
Hope you have a good week

7 09 2015

mmm I wonder if the skunk opened the sheep’s pen 😉

8 09 2015

You may be right he is talented!

7 09 2015
Prince Snow Farm (@princesnowfarm)

You are wonderfully busy and productive!

8 09 2015

It’ a busy life like yours/ Wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy what I do.

8 09 2015
Eliza Waters

Is that a little skunk visitor? Coyotes always make me so nervous – hope they leave your little farm alone!

8 09 2015

The skunk has been coming around for a while. He has found the hole that Chris and I repaired last summer under the porch and has gotten through it and sometimes sleeps in the crawl space under the kitchen. I will have to repair it again but really don’t want to do it when he is in there so it may be a while.
There is probably enough food for the coyotes now but its early spring that I would have to worry about. I will have to thing of some solutions to keep the sheep safe. Hope al is well.

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