4 09 2015


We had a few thunder storms with some rain.  We are lucky to have had the rain other parts of Massachusetts had none and everything is drying up.


Freezing tomatoes is easy and in the winter time they taste so fresh.  I like to freeze some in slices and some diced and then I freeze some sauce.  The slices and diced are easy.  Take the peels off and slice the tomatoes.  Put them between a towel and pat to dry.  This will take out the excess moisture.   Place them on a cookie sheet and into the freezer.  I do like the cookie sheet method as then I can take out only what I need.  It doesn’t take them long to freeze and into a zip lock bag or container till you need them.  



I have this beautiful porch which I hardly use.  This year I am trying to get into the habit of sitting out there with busy work or doing some spinning.



IMG_5722The Franklin County Fair has  been going on for many, many years.  Its an old time fair with lots for everyone to see.  They have a large Craft tent and I have been asked to come.  This year I took up my friend Carol’s offer and took a booth space.  I am looking forward to being there.  I will spend the next week getting stuff ready.



I have been friends with Charlie since the mid 80’s.  Took many herb classes at his wonderful old house in Ludlow.  My first trip to Ireland was with he and another friend Kathy.  Lots of memories and wonderful times that we all had together.  He stopped by for a short visit yesterday.  It was great to see him.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you day is wonderful.   Carole



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5 09 2015
Prince Snow Farm (@princesnowfarm)

We are the “other part” of Massachusetts.It’s been hot and dry….glorious weather (except for this weeks ridiculously high humidity). But I have watered and watered and watered the gardens this year. It’s amazing, everything is till green! Last winter’s snows must still have the grown saturated deep below where the roots run deep. What a lovely time you must have had with Charlie. (P.S what town are you in?)

5 09 2015

I live in Colrain right near the Vermont line we seem to get rain when other people don’t most houses here have sump pumps I have a cement drainage trough in my basement. Because of all the animals I have I mulch my land heavily and don’t need to water even in the driest conditions. Do you live close and need manure I have lots of it! My Roma tomatoes didn’t do well this year I think that’s a wonderful idea of how you preserve them I hope to grow some next year have a wonderful day and oh by the way where do you live?

5 09 2015
Prince Snow Farm (@princesnowfarm)

Oh and forgot to also say, I blanch my roams and freeze them in airtight bags in the freezer and make chili all winter. LOVE eating from the garden year round.I love the idea of slices too!

5 09 2015

I did enjoy my visit with my old friend Charlie we chatted about the old days in our many trips he’s had to give up spinning and knitting which was hard for him but he still does some gardening work

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