1 09 2015


Bright, sunny days with clothes on the line, roosters crowing, sheep baaing and cats paying before the heat of the day comes.  Each season has its charm.  Summertime here on the farm brings a more relaxed routine, with the occasional trips to the river or reading a book on the hammock.


Last night I did one third of the box and got some ready for sauce which is in the crock pot this morning and the rest went into the freezer, some sliced for Tomato-Leek Tarts which I plan to make this winter and the rest diced.  This morning I will do another third and tomorrow all will be in the freezer.


Fields of corn at The Farm Stand

Fields of corn at The Farm Stand

We are so lucky in this small town to have many people who grow veggies.  My favorite place is The Farm Stand.  I buy several boxes of tomatoes to freeze each year.  Their corn is non GMO and is the best around.  I hope to get a bushel to freeze soon.  



The Rugosa roses have out done themselves this year and lots of rose hips are on the bush.  I am picking half today to go into the dehydrator to mix with the chickens herbs and the other half will be left for the squirrels, chipmunks and birds to enjoy.



Yesterday learning of the hot weather to come I made pasta salad, potato salad and deviled eggs.  I also cooked some corn to enjoy so I will have a few days of meals where the stove doesn’t have to be on.



I have loved these since I was a child.  We planted them for decoration.  I have found a place in the front of my porch where they thrive.  l always leave half and pick half for fall decorations to assure more will come up next year..


I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole


















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2 09 2015
Deb Damari-Tull

Hi carole- You freeze sliced tomatoes?? Really?? Don’ they just get all watery When you defrost them?? I canned about 25 pints and quarts this Past weekend! I still have so many green ones that i’m waiting to ripen, Before i can do more! I have never frozen them in any form!

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2 09 2015

Good Morning
I have been doing this successfully for years After slicing I put them on a towel to absorb moisture and pat them down before putting them into the freezer. I put them on a cookie sheet and them put them into zip bags or in container, that way you can just take what you need. I freeze tomatoes in all sorts of ways. I dice them and freeze them, good for adding them to dishes and i make a sort of sauce. At the moment my crock pot i dull of tomatoes , garlic, onions and peppers basil, oregano and parsley and a bay leaf. They will cook all day and I will pack them up in containers and when cool in the freezer they will go. Just right for stews and soups. (there will be lots of liquid in the crock pot method you can strain them or just leave the liquid in . Hope this helps.

2 09 2015
Dora Friedli

Hi Carole, I’ve frozen whole tomatoes, but never sliced or diced ones. Do you do anything special to them before freezing?

2 09 2015

Good Morning Dora
I take the skins off, slice or dice the tomatoes put them on a towel to absorb the moisture and pat them to take more moisture out Then I lay them on a cookie sheet and pop them into the freezer. Looking forward to some wonderful tomato tarts this coming winter. This doesn’t take a lot of time and they are ready for whatever you want to make. Good tomatoes in the winter can cost over $3.00 a pound.

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