19 08 2015


The heat and humidity are still here, it can’t last forever!


He really looks like he go into a bad fight.  Thing all this damage was from him pecking the hardware cloth.

He really looks like he got into a bad fight. Think all this damage was from him pecking the hardware cloth.

Poor Hazel something happened in the night.  Mrs. Brown is perfectly fine. After getting them both back in the house and cleaning him up I found a hole under the fence.  My son and I both feel that something tried to get them and he was protecting her. Nothing was done to the cage.  He is still quite feisty and crowing.  I will get some baby food  for him and I won’t put them out again.  He will need time to heal.

Much has been said about rooster.  I am glad that I have them.  Their brave instincts are amazing.  Protection and making sure the girls eat are  priorities.

The love that these two birds have for each other is a sight to behold.  He called out to her while I was taking him upstairs and she was pacing back and forth talking to herself.  They were so happy to see each other.


STILL LIFE WITH CHICKENS  by Catherine Goldhammer


I have had this book for a while, there are some books that need to be read over and over.  Each time taking something new away from them.  It’s a memoir of starting over.  Her marriage ends and she takes a huge tax bracket dive.  Life changes for her in so many ways but with the addition of chickens and a new life she perseveres.   I highly recommend this book, life has twists and turns this book shows something good can come out of the worst of times.


The jewel weed outside my computer window is now over 12 feet high.   Hope to get to puling that soon.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope that its cooler where you are.  Carole





4 responses

19 08 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Poor Hazel, what a gentleman! I love those books that give every time you read them. X

20 08 2015

They just love each other so, a wonderful thing to witness I have a few books I love to read once a year. Hope all is well with you

20 08 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I think when you have pets you start to realise just how much character animals and birds have! I have definite favourites but I probably don’t read them once a year. I haven’t been so well this week but I am getting better now thanks and the family are all fine 🙂 Hope you are well too. x

21 08 2015

So true about animals. So glad you are on the mend

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