13 08 2015


Another beautiful day is in store for us .  I am spending the afternoon sorting a fleece at my friends, Jane and Harry’s farm with the rest of the spinning group.  What fun.


The other night I went to close the side yard hens up and she was not in her nesting area as usual.  She was walking around the Caravan looking in.  Then she walked to her house and up ran Rosie who hadn’t been so nice to her, they both look into the house and Rosie walked back to the caravan and hoped in.  Along comes Gladys and she walks up and jumps in too..


I learned early on with chickens that they do things in their own time.  They have accepted her and she is an equal with them.  All is good in the side yard.  Hazel and Mrs. Brown have return outside in the dog house and will remain there till  till the middle of September  when they will come in for the winter.


I thought I was prepared for the rains, Chris redug the ditch and I dug up near the barn door but late Tuesday night when i went into the barn it was raining downstairs again and the water had come through the barn again.  I had a complete meltdown, I was so worried I would lose the hay.  Lauren, Tyler and Charlie came over the next morning and we moved the hay.  Only 6 or so bales were affected and I was able to save a portion of them.  The barn is drying out and the problem should be fixed soon.



While moving the hay around Lauren noticed this little guy in the sheep area.   I have seen him when he was quite smaller in the garden.  I have name him King Ferdinand he is the biggest toad I have seen here.  He was escorted back to the garden .



Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.  Carole

After Breakfast

After Breakfast



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13 08 2015

I am so happy you were able to salvage most of the hay. What a relief it must have been to learn that!
Enjoy this lovely weather we are having. I need to figure out a time to come visit!

14 08 2015

I am so lucky it looks worse than it was. ANytime after the 23rd. Just name the ate and time. Bring bags!!!!!!

14 08 2015
Anne Wilson

I love toads, I find them so fascinating. So sorry to hear you had a flood again, it’s heart-breaking.
Is it possible for you to have you hay bales up off the ground on wooden pallets, it lets the air flow through them and would save them if you get flooded again.

14 08 2015

I did put them on pallets an what happened water came n and the hay that had dropped on the floor molded and it seeped up into the bales. SO in the end it was more work. I am going to have a contractor come in and do the right job this time. Had work done a couple of years ago by some who said he knew what he was doing and he made the whole situation worse. Everything is good and the barn is drying out.
I do love toads too. Never had many around and this year I have seen quite a few. So glad to have them.

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