10 08 2015


The whole house and yard is encased with the smell of skunk.  Its as though he was in the house!

The weather is still nice and cool but more humidity and some needed rain will be here in a day or two.

Chris left yesterday.  We got so much accomplished while he was here.  He will be back in October.


Cindy met us in Greenfield and we put 18 bales of hay in her Mini Van!!!!!!  And loaded 4 bales in my car.  The total in the barn is now 42 toward my goal of 100.I won’t start using the 100 till mid march to insure that when I run out the new hay will be ready.



 Thanks so much Cindy.  Chris and Charlie got it into the barn in no time.


Sam the man has been here a year.  He was two yesterday.  He has changed so much and come into his own.


 I am so happy that i got he and Owen  Although Owen didn’t have a long time here he to came into his own before he passed away.

Yesterday was another anniversary.  It was one year since my Mom passed.  Time has flown by.  I miss she and my Dad so much. If you still have parents  be sure to ask them things about your family and their lives.  I have so many questions unanswered.  When Cindy got home last night she has an old clock which belonged to my Dad’s family.  It’s never touched or wound up yet yesterday it was ticking, how interesting.


My son so enjoys being a volunteer fireman.  It’s a rewarding job   Yesterday was there annual open house.

Good friends and family  Lil meets Sparky here new hero

Good friends and family Lil meets Sparky her new hero

 Food was served, all the equipment was out and there was a smoke house that you could go into.  What a fun and educational day for adults and children alike.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you had a lovely day.  Carole



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