10 07 2015


Clothes dried well today, I am drying more plantain which grows so well on the edge of my driveway.  More rain tonight.



Yesterday Helen visited Dr. Marci Lowy of the SOuth Amherst veterinary CLinic..   SHe love car rides and was so good.  Dr Lowy immediately cut the slit and pulled out a huge mass of hay.  It was web like so food was still able to get through.    I am sure Helen was immediately relieved.  SHe had surgery to sew up the crop and the outer skin and came home last night.



 SHe is doing well and will probably be on some antibiotics.  She will go back in 9 days for stitch removal.  No more hay or straw in her bedding.  I am using newspaper at the moment.


Scrambled eggs and corn

I was so lucky to find the clinic.  Everyone there either has chickens or is knowledgable about them.


Almost every night I sit out in the  side Chicken yard and wait for them to get into the coop for the night.  I lock them in to keep them safe.  There are 5 hens and a Rooster named Hazel in there.  They are a nice mix and no one is too bossy.  Around twilight Hazel digs around for some juicy morsels for all, they all come running over to enjoy whatever treats he finds, the take their last drink of the night and then preen their feathers, then slowly they make their way up into the Caravan.  All this is done with much chattering.  It’s an enjoyable way to end my day.


Unlike store-bought eggs each egg laid by my hens in different. I love the spots on this one.  With high eggs prices and the scarcity of eggs in some parts of the county I am so glad that I have chickens.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole






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10 07 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Poor Helen. She is such beautiful colours. Eggs being scarce and expensive had never really crossed my mind here in England, it would be a shock not to find them on the supermarket shelves. It sounds as though your hens do a great job for you 🙂

10 07 2015

Helen is a beauty and is coming along. SHe pays beautiful blue eggs and I am sure will again in the future. No hurry though Hens here live out their lives so if she doesn’t lay another eggs its okay.
The Avian Flu is out in the west of the country and eggs are priced high if you can get them. It hasn’t hit here but prices are going up my friend Deb said some eggs are $5.00 a dozen. Yes I have plenty of eggs to share with family and friends.

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