8 07 2015


Today its cloudy with some showers coming in.  I spent yesterday morning planting some lettuce, sage and some flowers.  The whole place is overgrown and weedy, will have to spend some days attending to that.

THe pathway to the side yard

THe pathway to the side yard


I started two batches of healing salve and hope to get the poison ivy salve started this week.  Comfrey is drying in the dehydrator for future use.



I am going to have a good crop of Elderberries this year.  SO happy about that.


I started making the heating pads and hope to build up a supply for fall shows.  They can be heated in the microwave and the heat can last up to 3 hours.  Or they can be put in the freezer.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole

IMG_5336You can only see the tail feathers of Hazel who is finding bugs for Mrs. Brown and Morticia



3 responses

8 07 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I have made several heat pads but I have never put lavendar in them, what a great idea. x

8 07 2015

I have been making heating pads for over 10 years and have always put lavender in them. Its soothing and doesn’t burn readily. I don;t know if I would trust other herbs thought. Hope you put some lavender in next time you make them.

8 07 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

Great, yes, I have some dried lavender put by so I will have to remember to use it next time. x

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