18 06 2015


Cloudy day with some rain expected in the afternoon.  Got hay this morning and received a message from another hay source yesterday who sells me at least 100 bales each year.  He said he would be lucky to supply me with 50 bales this year.    It will be a tough feeding year.



I was so sorry to hear about the killings in Charleston this morning.  I was brought up where you would judge a person by his character not his color.  Our country seems to be going backwards instead of forward.



Look at the new bags from Christa.  THey are made from my feed bags and are purse size.  She has even put my logo on them.  I love the lining fabric and the pocket.  Just wonderful.  I will have some available at the Lavender Fest.



Every time I move hens I think things will go smoothly most times it doesn’t.   I had the caravan yard ready and decided to move the two large hens that Murphy was picking on  and  Morticia and Violet the Bantams into the caravan area.  That did not work out at all so I quickly moved the Bantams into Hazel and Mrs. Brown’s pen.  Hazel was delighted two more girls his dreams have come true but Mrs. Brown was very angry.  Her little face showed it.  I really think she was jealous.  Just one month ago they were all together happily.  Today is another day and peace seems to reign.



I will leave you today with a little video of Morticia taking her first real dirt bath since late fall.  HOpe you have a  lovely day  Carole



2 responses

19 06 2015
Eliza Waters

Loved seeing the chicken video – they are such interesting birds to watch. Clever re-use of the feed bags – hope they sell like hotcakes! And I liked the pastoral scene with cows on the hillside – nice pic. 🙂

19 06 2015

The bags are great and I am sure I will sell some. The cow scene is from the fram I get my hay from I adore chickens I do have chairs in or near all my chicken yard for watching its a great for getting rid of stress Have a wonderful day

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