12 06 2015



We are in store for another nice day today.  I got some seeds and plants in yesterday and more will go in today.




I have been sick on and off for the last year.  I had odd symptoms which led me to think it was lymes disease.  A friend Vicki, talked about the Wellness Clinic in Northampton and I made and appointment.  It’s a wonderful place where they care deeply about people and treat  and know lots about lymes.  After 22 tubes of blood and 32 pages of  labs I got my results back.   I have two different viruses running in my body, my immune system cannot fight them off so I am going to be on an antiviral medication..    I am so happy to have found out what is wrong and to have treatment for it  I will be feeling like myself in no time I hope.



This is the third year that these large bushes have been in the ground.  I now wish that I had planted them somewhere else.  BUt there they will stay. I kept thinking of the elderberries in the wild sort of compact bush, these are bushes are huge and with branches hither and yon.   The flowers are beautiful this year and I hope to make some Elderberry syrup for winter ailments .




I have oil lamps  in many rooms, with some oil in them and ready to go.  The lights rarely go out here and there are flashlights that light up rooms now.  But having  an oil lamp  or two reminds me of a simpler life.  

In Massachusetts when I was a child over 60 years ago we did have fierce winter storms which dumped feet of snow on the ground. Lights would  go out and we needed oil lamps and camp stoves to get through.  My  Dad would cook breakfast for all the neighbors, as a child it seemed like so much fun.

In Maryland when visiting my Grandmother the summer thunderstorms would just sit on top of the Susquehanna River.  My Grandmother was terrified of  storms and would wake everyone in the house except for my Grandfather and we would all have to go into the parlor and sit around  the oi lamp.  Each clap of thunder would bring a gasp from my Grandmother and seem worse than the other.  In all my life I have never been in storms like that anywhere else.

Lil came over yesterday to check out the Hazel and Mrs. Brown.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope your day is wonderful.   Carole




9 responses

13 06 2015
Eliza Waters

Glad they found your mystery ailment and hopefully soon you will be as right as rain!

14 06 2015

Finding out what is wrong is half the battle, I am sure to be feeling well soon. Thanks Eliza

13 06 2015
Dora Friedli

It must be discouraging to feel sick and not know what is wrong. Hope the medication works right away and that you’ll soon be feeling better! Dora

14 06 2015

Thank you for your kind words Dora, I am sure I will feel better with the meds.

13 06 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I’m so glad that you have finally got to the bottom of your illness, hopefully the meds will soon sort things out. Elderflowers are great, we have made some elderflower champagne with the flowerheads but neve done anything with the berries. I love your oil lamp, it must be lovely to have that on of a winter evening. Have a great weekend. x

14 06 2015

Wow champagne thats amazing. Oil lamps hold such special memories for me. Thank you for your kind words.

15 06 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

The champagne really is great, I shall hopefully post the recipe soon. x

13 06 2015

Love it. Glad you’ll be feeling better.

14 06 2015

Thanks Christa, COngrats again on your new job at Chandlers, they are lucky to have you.

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