4 06 2015




We had torrential rain on Monday night, plants toppled over from the weight of it.  Water and mud came into the barn but only got just past the gate so no damage downstairs, the clean up won’t be too bad.  No matter I am so glad that we ended the drought we were having.  It would could  have rain once a week it would be perfect.  I garden the Ruth Stout method so once the plants are started they are fine during a spell of no rain.  



He is now 19 years old and doing very well.  He is the king of the household and the oldest cat here.  He was born in Maryland and his Mother and siblings moved with me here.    He has a larger than life personality and in the middle of the night I am awakened by his MEOW as he walks around the house with a felted bell toy in his mouth.  He doesn’t play with Sammy and Willie but prefers resting and observing.


I made the hot pepper salve putting some peppermint oil in  it.  I love the color a nice yellow.

IMG_5154 I am going to give out a few sample jars to friends to try.   If they like it then I will make a full batch .


 I used it last night and found that its subtle not like the ones you buy in the store that goes on very hot.

  I hope to get the Rose/Calendula salve made soon.  I will have to blend some essential oils first to see which one is right.  I am thinking of making a peppermint salve soon.  I do love making these and have getting quite a following.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and hope the day was wonderful for you.   Carole








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