30 05 2015


It’s another beautiful day with some humidity tomorrow rain and lower temps.  Temps will be in the 60’s a few days next week my kind of weather.



The first rose of summer is on my Rugosa  bushes.   I can’t wait for their blooms to open and a summer of wonderful aroma.



I am repainting the old rocker back to its original color.  This rocker, as some of you know, was on my Grandparents porch in Maryland.  After a long days work on the Pennsylvania Railroad my grandfather would relax on the porch in his rocker.   Those days were filed with excitement and fun.  Swimming  in the Susquehanna River with my cousins, walks down the train tracks with my Grandfather, checking out the caboose, picking  the biggest blackberries I have ever seen and eating cucumbers right out of the garden.    My Grandmother making us all fresh tomato sandwiches and extra for the Hobo’s that she fed often.  Those were the days when men who couldn’t find work rode the rails looking for work all over the country.  They often had no money or food to eat and were so appreciative of a fresh tomato sandwich and good water from the well. 

I hope to have it finished in a few days and have a few more porch chairs to paint this year.



I have been making my own vanilla way before Martha Stewart did it.  Now all my children make it.  I had used up the last of it and add more organic vanilla beans and some more vodka.  Its only been steeping for a day and it already smells like vanilla.

I planted  a single purple tomato plant a few days  ago and it already has a blossom on it.


Many thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole 





4 responses

30 05 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

How great to have that old rocker, that is something I would love to have of my own one day 🙂

31 05 2015

I love the rocker and the memories that it brings

31 05 2015
Eliza Waters

I always enjoy reading your blog. The stories of your childhood memories of your grandparents are so interesting. It’s nice you have the chair to connect you to them. 🙂

31 05 2015

I was lucky to have the best childhood with loving family surrounding me and wonderful times who could ask for more. Thank you for your kind words.

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