18 05 2015


Its hot and humid today. One of the apple trees needed more sunlight so  I trimmed back the forsythia and cut it up and gathered the branches to use as kindling next winter.  Lil had apple peels for the sheep.  She loves feeding them.



Lilac’s have always been my favorite flower.  I adore the smell and love their shape.  In most places I have lived I have had a lilac bush.  Last year I planted 3 young plants which are growing well and this year I dug up some and planted them on Elliott’s resting place. I have several very old bushes in the back of the house and they are doubles  I picked a bouquet and put it in my diningroom.


I am so busy during the day I forget they are there and then walking by then gives me an immediate sense happiness.  Too bad the season is so short.



I picked more dandelions yesterday and they are now dry.  I am sure I have enough for a couple of batches of soap.


Yesterday Charlie, Tyler and my daughter Betty helped me get some of the side chicken area ready for the inside hens.  I will be so glad to get them out of the house it has been a long winter.The large tree which fell during a spring wind storm fell on the chicken yard and blueberry bushes in the side yard.  The clean up goes on.The netting and fencing are secure so this morning Hazel and Mrs. Brown went out.


 They are happy and had a great time eating bugs and taking sun, dust baths.  I hope to get the others out tomorrow.  I am not sure about Eddie thought.  I tried to put the no crow collar on his today with no success will try again tomorrow.

He checks out their sleeping quarters

He checks out their sleeping quarters

Then she does

Then she does

I guess it will do

I guess it will do







Many thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you had a wonderful day  Carole






2 responses

18 05 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

The lilacs are so pretty, we have never had any but I love seeing them in the gardens. You hens look happy to outside 🙂

19 05 2015

Lilacs are beautiful, Haze and Mrs. Brown are so happy to be out, Now to get the other 4 out. Hope I can do it before this weekends show.The spring and summer are so busy.

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