15 05 2015


Its gotten quite cool here, some areas receiving a frost.  It was a nice change from the hot and humid weather that we have been having and I did light the wood stove today


.  No rain to speak of but tomorrow there is a 60% chance of it.





I really want to make some dandelion soap but don’t have the time now, Yesterday I went to the nearest cemetery by the river and sat myself down and picked enough for the dehydrator.  My neighbor was walking her dog and stopped to say hello.  It made me think how wonderful it is to live in a small town where you are safe.  SOmetimes I take for granted how nice it is.  The dandelions are in the dehydrator and it won’t take long before they are dry.  I will pick another basket full soon, and some to press too.  I thought in the dehydrator that they would stay full but they shrivel up.  I do want some that will lay flat..  I may decorate the wrapper with one on top.



What a day yesterday I got 8 eggs!!!!    I have 8 already this early afternoon and Francis is stilling  in the nest.  So it will be 9 today out of 10 gals that lay.




I am planning on making soap tomorrow.  The Calendula soap will be ready for the fair and still needs to dry another few days.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a  wonderful day.  Carole





2 responses

16 05 2015
Eliza Waters

That basketful of dandelions is so pretty! The hens are happy it is spring, by the looks of things. Let’s hope we get some rain soon, let’s ask for an inch to fall overnight, followed by a sunny dawn! 😉

16 05 2015

I am sad to say we didn’t get much rain at all. I hope we get some soon The dandelions are not dry and in a jar. MOre picking is planned. Hope you got some rain last night.

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