12 05 2015



The hot and sticky weather is suppose to be ending today and we will have a few days of cooler weather.   The peas have finally started coming up, they don’t like warm weather so I hope the cooler weather will give them a boost they need.


 i can see little lilac flowers outside my computer window.


 This year should be a good year for them.



The poor apple tree has been abused and it still grows.  First when the workmen were here they broke it in a couple of places and when the tree fell it narrowly missed it and broke  it again.  Its a strong tree and is full of leaves.  Yea.


I have a booth again at this wonderful show.  SUsan generously offered to share  her booth but Arron e-mailed me this morning that one booth had become available.  Come see me at the show I will be in Barn 2.  I have lots of used fiber books and am getting rid of most of my weaving equipment.  Soap, salves and herbal products will also be available, and lots of wool!



Hay is an invaluable commodity when you have farm animals.  If you have a large enough farm you make your own and sell any extra.  My farm is tiny so I depend on farmers.  Last night I called for hay to be picked up this afternoon, Bob’s wife said that hay was tight and I may have to get it elsewhere and she would have Bob call me.  He called this morning and said yes hay was very scarce and the first cutting would not be as plentiful as he hoped but he could continue to supply me.  What a relief I am so grateful to know that my sheep will continue to have good hay.  He told me that at the auction last night mulch hay was bought for $5.00 per bale for feed to a farmer from eastern Massachusetts.  There is no hay there.  And before I found Bob I bought a bale of hay from the co-op for 8 dollars and it was trash.

Good news from two different places has come my way today





I picked some purple violets this morning, I have been wanting to try to make a bath water out of them.  I added vinegar to the jar just to cover and will let them steep for a few weeks.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you day is filled with lots of good things.   Carole





6 responses

12 05 2015
Eliza Waters

Cute little Sammy!
Glad to have a reprieve from the heat – the plants have totally exploded! I hope we get more rain so the hayfields will grow for those who depend on them. $8/bale seems outrageous to me, but what is one to do when one has months to feed? Losing farms is a tough thing for more than just the farmers.

18 05 2015

Rain tomorrow can’t wait. $8.00 is terrible, glad its sorted out. Yes you are so right. The farm I buy my hay from also sells wood and sells maple sap to syrup makers, they are busy every moment. Its such a good life for kids though, gives them a good work ethic and fun things to do like swimming in the lake or pond, swinging on a rope swing all things that city life doesn’t bring.

13 05 2015

I’m thinking of drying violets to try in glycerine soap. Cooler weather is predicted here tomorrow too.(phew!). Still no rain! Good luck at the market!

18 05 2015

I think that would be a good idea. The violets sure are plentiful this year. Iam going to pick more for the vinegar bath jar. Rain tomorrow thank goodness.

13 05 2015
Sharon - creativityandfamily

I love lilac flowers. So glad you have managed to get your hay sorted. Have fun on your stall. Sharon xx

18 05 2015

Hay can be a problem any tie of year but especially now when there isn’t any to be found. SO glad that its a done deal. Thanks for the good luck the weather looks good for the weekend.

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