10 05 2015


We had a shower yesterday morning but do need lots more rain.  Everything is popping up and the birds are out in full force




My Mothers family lived in Maryland.  We would visit a couple of times a year staying with my Grandmother. SHe had an old, 2   story Maryland style home with a large front porch.  There was a walk out cellar that always had a little puddle of water when you took that last step into it.  All laundry and canning was done in that cellar.  I can still remember the smell of it.  The house stood facing some railroad tracks and the Susquehanna River.  Oh what wonderful times were had there.  From my quiet life in Massachusetts to large family gatherings, a dog named Joe, lots of cousins and fun on the river.  At night the sounds of trains far away and boats with music and people partying on the river would lull me to sleep

IMG_5008The above hand painted picture is of my Grandmothers house.  Painted by my Cousin Gary. 

I loved helping my Grandmother with things and her washing machine was so different from ours at home.  She reluctantly instructed me on how the wringer worked and repeatedly told me how an arm can be broken in one of them.  One day she said I could send the clothes through to her and for a while I paid close attention to what was going on and then my arm went in with the clothing.  Luckily she had an emergency release on her new machine.  What an experience.

I come from a long line of women who hung their clothes out to dry  I have had a clothesline every place I have lived.  Although I do use a dryer occasionally I do love the feel and smell of freshly dried clothes.  Thanks to my blogger friend Eliza for reminding me of the wonders of hanging laundry out.



Francis is 13 years old this year and it summertime and she has started laying her beautiful blue eggs again.  The other day she was in the nest box and for a moment I though she was dead.  SHe was just taking a nap while laying her egg.  It’s not easy laying an egg when you are old!


I hope that Mothers Day is a delightful all, many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole



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