6 05 2015


It’s a pleasant morning and it’s wonderful to be able to leave the windows open at night.  That cool night air is refreshing.The hens are really going to town laying eggs.  The picture is 2 days of laying.



I bought this wonderful chicken Waterer on e-bay some time ago.


 The thought was that it would be a much larger supply of water for them.  It’s a beauty but was too heavy for me to carry so It sat in the kitchen as a primitive decoration.  This past winter I set it outside and put bird food in it and the birds loved it.  SO now it sits  ready to have water in it for the summer.

The pallet project with strawberries which I did a few years ago didn’t really work out.  I decided to move it to a more sunny location nearby and lay it down.  Now I am trying to fill it with dirt.  I will get the strawberry plants soon.  I will be able to fence it in too.IMG_4952

I noticed this long 4×4  when cleaning out the area for the chickens.  It was in an area in the downstairs of the barn where I only go in the warm months.  Can’t remember where it came from but I won this beautiful hand-made bird feeder/nesting box at The Heath Fair many years ago and I though that it would be great on top of the post for a safe place for birds to feed next winter.  Hops will grow over it this summer and some calendula around it.  A night visitor doesn’t like it there and has been trying to dig it up every night.  Rocks will be placed around the base today.

I love Iced Tea in the summer and use glass milk bottles to keep it cold.  I have old and new ones in quarts and gallons.    If you have lost the tops they can be bought on the internet for as little as $.25 each.




I spent a couple of hours today cutting up tree branches that had fallen in my yard during the winter.  This week I need to start cutting up the tree that had fallen into the side yard.  I am using an electric saw it’s not ideal but does the job.  I do wish the blade was smaller as it makes the whole thing awkward.  

Busy days around the farm now, the birds are busy building nest and the tulips are all coming out.  Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole





4 responses

6 05 2015
Eliza Waters

You sure do keep busy! I guess on a farm, the list is endless. Sammy looks like there is nothing on his ‘to-do’ list, except snooze. 😉

6 05 2015

Yes, never a dull moment here, and still trying to catch up on lost time. You hit the nail on the head about Sammy. His to do list is eat, play, sleep

6 05 2015
Eliza Waters

I want to come back as a cat in a nice, loving house like yours! 😉

6 05 2015

Thanks for your kind words

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