Bellowhead – Roll Alabama

2 05 2015

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. When I was a child my Dad and I would sing songs like this. It brought back some wonderful memories.

A Day In The Life Of Me (Well Us)

On The way to work I was listening to the new Bellowhead’s album And the second track in was Roll Alabama a sea shanty about the Ship The CSS Alabama which was built about five miles from where we live at the John Laird Sons and Company ship yards in Birkenhead

Fantastic photo found on Facebook many thanks Steven Dutton



“When the Alabama‘s Keel was Laid, (Roll Alabama, roll!), ‘Twas laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird (Roll, roll Alabama, roll!)
‘Twas Laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird, ’twas laid in the town of Birkenhead.
Down the Mersey way she rolled then, and Liverpool fitted her with guns and men.
From the western isle she sailed forth, to destroy the commerce of the north.
To Cherbourg port she sailed one day, for to take her count of prize money.
Many a sailor laddie saw his…

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