26 04 2015


Sammy taking it easy

Sammy taking it easy

Chris and I have been busy, the barn is totally cleaned and their drinking water is now outside making chores easier.  Some of the fallen tree wood and branches are in piles, part of the front hens yard is ready for clover planting and the clothes line is back up.  These are among the many things that got done with Chris here.  He also made me a new Whispering Pines  Farm Facebook store page which I will be working on.


Even though winter is (hopefully) over its time for me to start preparing for next winter.  All the limbs and sticks that have fallen during this past winter need to be cut and put into bags for kindling for next winter.  I am hoping to burn wood and pellets during the day and oil at night next winter.  This year I went through about 20 bags of kindling.  I know I will need more this coming winter.  Nothing on the property gets wasted.



Yesterday I planted two different varieties of peas.  One is a snow pea and the other is regular pod peas.  I am changing the gardens around this year and the peas were planted on the fencing that I had planted tomatoes before.  For the past two years the tomatoes have not been doing that well and I have had to buy tomatoes for freezing.  So this year peas will go along the fence.  The end of May I will be planting Cucumbers along the fence and by the time they start climbing I should have picked all the peas.  I hope to freeze most of the peas for good winter stews and soups.

Cindy came last night and She and Chris left this morning.  He will be back in the summer  I ll miss him


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  I leave you today with some more shearing pictures.

Lil had a wonderful time at shearing day

Lil had a wonderful time at shearing day




4 responses

26 04 2015

Chris looks so tall! It must be relief to have at least some chores done…you will miss him. But he’ll be back in the summer, won’t he? I planted peas this week end as well..nice to be gardening again! Take good care.

27 04 2015

He is tall I will miss him but hwe will be back in the summer. It is good to be gardening again. I am enjoying the sunny patches today.

27 04 2015
Eliza Waters

Sweet pic of Sammy. 🙂 Sounds like you’ve had a very busy week! Good cooler weather for working outside and no bugs yet! 😉

27 04 2015

We got a lot of things caught up. SO glad it got cooler no bugs for sheep shearing. I usually do it in March so I was taking a chance.

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