20 04 2015


Rain rain and more rain for the week.  The sheep are inside till the shearing.



And the spring flowers will be popping up everywhere. Thanks to my Son and Daughter in law who took care of Elliott yesterday.



He has already worked in the barn, is making the front chicken area bigger and cutting some branches which were on the porch roof.  Tomorrow will be barn cleaning.  I know he will catch me up on all the things I intended to do while I was sick. Yea!


I was able to pick up a bag of chicken scraps yesterday.  Bok Choy, herbs and cabbage.  I cooked them up a little and they will be enjoyed today for snack.


Many thanks for all your kind and thoughtful comments about Elliott.  Each will be answered soon.  Carole






3 responses

20 04 2015
Sharon -

Ah, so glad that you have got some help! The sheep look very cosy in the barn! Take care, Sharon x

20 04 2015

I am so lucky to have family and friends who care.the sheep are happy and ready for shearing day. Carole xx

22 04 2015
Eliza Waters

How you doing? The rain, though needed, hopefully isn’t make you sadder. Glad the sun came out this afternoon, I’m sure you got out to enjoy it. Things will whip into shape with Chris’ help. Take heart.

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