19 04 2015




Last night was a beautiful starry night and Elliott passed away.  It was such a blessing and he was in his barn with his sheep.  Today we buried him and the sheep got to say their goodbyes.  Marley spent the most time with him smelling him and looking, their protector is gone.   Everything will change about the herd now, it will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate and tries to take Elliott’s place.

Last years sheraing

Last years shearing


I was very disappointed in my Vet who is not local but practices in another state..  When I called him Thursday he said he was too busy to come and would be here on MOnday.  Compassion must not be important in that group.  They have been here for the sheep and Elliott before, I would never recommend this group to anyone. 

When living in Belchertown I went to Mill Valley Vets .  Dr. Morcum was my vet.  He is a compassion and loving person who cares deeply about the welfare of animals.  Everyone who works at the clinic is kind and caring.  My friend Renee has worked there for years.  I wish I lived closer so I could still go there.

I will be looking for a new vet and will make sure that if there is an emergency they will come.

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  So many changes ont he farm this past year, I hope that this is it for a while.  Carole




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19 04 2015
Francine Keating

Carole, I know that you must miss Elliott very much and I am so sorry. I hope that there is some comfort that he chose his own time to leave and I’m sure that he knew that you agreed that he could go. You gave him a great life, he did his job as guardian so well and you had wonderful adventures together but it is always so hard at the end. Take care my friend.

20 04 2015

As you know its so hard to loose an animal friend. But that is life, he did have a good life here, did his job increadably well and gave us all a laugh from time to time. The animal that I thought wouldn’t miss him seems to miss him the most. Marly!

20 04 2015
Eliza Waters

So sad, Carole, I’m sorry you lost your good friend. This is the worse part of owning animals, having to say goodbye breaks our hearts. It sounded like he was at peace amongst his ‘kin.’
Have you ever used Dr. Sidorsky out of SF? He does house calls.

20 04 2015

Thank you for your kind words Eliza, yes I have used him in the past. I am looking into a new Vet who is out of Shelburne Falls and will ca;; her. Animals give us so much more than we give them Spring is here now the lilacs are budding I am so excited.

20 04 2015
Rita Kay Bergeron

So sorry to hear about Elliott’s passing!

20 04 2015

Thank you Rita, he will be sorely missed

20 04 2015

I too hope that things will be gentle for you through the rest of this year. take care. x

20 04 2015

It was a period of time I had to go through. I miss my Mom and Animal friends very much but we all have to go through these things and spring a time of renewal is upon us, It does give me lots ofhope. Thank you

23 04 2015
Anne Wilson

I’m so sorry to hear about Elliott, but he was in his own home with his animal friends around him.

25 04 2015

Yes and that was truly a blessing The sheep and I both miss him.

24 04 2015

Sorry to hear about Elliott I’m he will be a tough act to follow 😦

25 04 2015

Thank you for your kind words, Its hard to loose any animal but he was such an important part of security here on the farm. I may have to do more security measures.

25 04 2015

I can imagine most of the llamas I’ve met have been real grumps but real personalities

25 04 2015

Yes that was eactly him, didnt want to be touched, hated the vet, but he knew his job and was good at it. Some Llamas are very sweet and tender but Elliott was no nonsence and he saved the sheep manytimes. He would never let a stranger get too close. I am so glad that he was given to me. Tell me more about your horse.

26 04 2015

My son’s school has 3 alpacas, two of them are nice but one is a real grump but loves Cameron and the sheep and goats,
Our horse Skye was a rescue horse 2 and a half years ago and she is just fantastic, she is a 6 year old gypsy cob and is just over 14 hands which is just perfect for my daughter and us grown ups, she came to us un-handled and in a terrible state, after 6 months we had her trust and we backed and broke her, she will be doing some small shows this summer and next year we will get train her to drive, she is not fazed by anything and will make a fab ride, jump and drive,
Hope you have had a good weekend 🙂

28 04 2015

Animals are so interesting, my Llama would do anything for my son! Your horse sounds wonderful. She has come a long way under your care. Can’t wait to hear how the shows go. Hope your day is wonderful

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