17 04 2015


Its raining here today and we do need it.  It has been dry and this will help to prevent forest fires.


This year has been the hardest year for me.  With the death of my Mother and many animal family members passing on, sickness and worries, it seemed never-ending.  My family and friends have stood by me, helping me in many ways.  In my darkest hours someone has been there.  I am eternally grateful.  My blogger friends have sent kind e-mails . each one is treasured.  I am grateful to have all of you in my life.



Elliott has taken a turn for the worse, I knew that he couldn’t come out of this but as long as he wanted to carry on I would do whatever I could for him.  The Vet has been called and he will come Monday to send him on his way to the sheep that have been waiting for him..  I didn’t really realize how much his illness has affected me till the other day when I had a complete meltdown.  Then and only then did I realized how much I have worried about him.  My friends Ceacy and Lynn came over yesterday  And got him moved with a lot of snorting and spitting and growling from himself.  We made him quite comfortable and left him eating hay.    He has pain meds too.  

When I was offered him I refused.  I didn’t want another large animal.  Llamas aren’t the friendliest of creatures and at that time my flock of sheep were well-trained.    My friend Lynn talked me into it and the deal was done.  Poor Elliott had never seen a sheep before.  You could almost see his eyes rolling when he saw them.  Right from the beginning he knew his job.  He guarded his sheep  and would patrol the perimeters of the pasture.  If something was in the woods he would lay down in front of the barn door and the sheep could not go out.   No dog with any sence would venture too near the fence or Elliott would come running and spitting.That flock of sheep respected him and would follow his lead.  He is the best Llama in the world.

MOre and more bulbs are popping up, I am hoping to plant some herbs seeds today.  Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



8 responses

17 04 2015

Sorry you have had such a tough year, and especially for the loss of your Mother. I lost my Dad last year very unexpectedly and still find it really hard at times, at other times it still doesn’t seem real.
It is surprising how soon animals can become part of your family. Hugs, Sharon x

17 04 2015

I am sorry for your loss. It is so hard. My animals always are family to me so each one is hard. Elliott held quite a presence here. Elliott was my Dad’s middle nameThanks so much Sharon for your kind words.

17 04 2015
Mary Jane

Hi Carol,
Hooe you are getting over your illness. I know the losses you have gone through this year have been hard, especially with this winter. Every time I see a sign of spring – a bulb tip emerging, just the smell of the earth, it is reassuring. Hooe easier times are ahead.

17 04 2015

Mary Jane
We have both been through hard times this past year. Better times are coming our way.

17 04 2015

Oh Carole, I am so sorry to hear about Elliot. It has been such a hard year for many of your animals friends passing on..and I know how much you miss each one. Thinking of you….if things calm down and you are feeling well again lets get together. Hugs, Patti

17 04 2015

It seems like its been one thing or another, maybe once this is over we can finally get together. Its been a sad year here on the farm, I am looking forward to a better one.

17 04 2015
Eliza Waters

Another tough hurdle for you, Carole. I am so sorry that you have to bear it. I hope the promise of spring eases your heart as you prepare to say goodbye to your good companion of many years. Blessings.

17 04 2015

I will miss him so, he was the protector, and the king of my little farm. But I will get through it and never forget him Thanks for you kind words.

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