17 03 2015


The day started off dark, damp, and dreary but there is sun and clouds now and the temps are nice  Snow is slowly leaving the mountain and the chipmunks and skunks are back.


I am out of hay and the person i buy my hay from in Greenfield has no more.  I will need a supply till haying starts in June .  I called my friend Ceacy to find out the first name of a person whom I know has hay and she said she was bringing me down a couple of bales of her hay to tide me over.  Today she showed up with 4 bales of hay.  So nice of her.  Then I was making the chickens oatmeal and  there was a knock on the door and it was my Friends Ulla and Dick from Plainfield.  SHe had books and spinning equipment for me to do as I pleased


And a bottle of citronella oil that she had made herself.



 I have been thinking of them this morning.  What a nice surprise.  Then Wool and Dye works called to place an order for dyed wool, I had been thinking of those wonderful folks lately and planning a trip down.  All this in one morning.What a day.


My dream was to have a herb farm,  grow  herbs and flowers have a small shop on the property with an  occasional open house.   Things didn’t quite go that way.  This dream has been on the back burner since the mid seventies.   I have decided to pursue it now in a very small way.   The dream all started when I would demonstrate spinning at The Big E.  I would wander around and always end up in Storrowtown village in the Caprilands booth.  I loved everything in the booth.  All the herbs and spices wreaths and other things.  I can still remember the smells.  I started adding herbs and flowers to my gardens, reading and researching.  Now there are so many people doing this that I have to find a niche.    I came across this book, Growing your Herb Business which I had bought a long time ago.  I am reading it and making notes.  It has a lot of very good information.  



I do make a lot of herbal things and have decided to grow herbs that aren’t as popular.  Borage and Lovage are two that come to mind and I hope to start soon..


 I will add a few more.   I am looking forward to starting this adventure


I have started  Sunflower Pins, Some will go to Sheep and SHawl for sale.  They are fun and quick and I will be having a class in making them there at the end of the month.  


My cat friends are napping upstairs today where it is nice and warm.  I wonder if they will be doing more yarn bombing tonight!!!!



Many thanks for reading my blog today I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole







4 responses

17 03 2015

Hi Carole. I love your blog. How is your shoulder? Getting better I hope. Glad to see the sunflower pins! I’ll post the photo on the website. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 03 2015

Liz, Thank you so much for the beautiful card , I love it. It was so thoughtful of you. My shoulder is better, I am going to the doctors tomorrow so plan to stop by with the pin and a few other things. See you soon

18 03 2015

Your plan sounds wonderful and exciting. I did something similar for 9 years, with a storefront. I made and sold lots of the things you make.. Salves, lotions, soap, sachets and everything was completely natural and organic, not a bit of artificial scent or anything. Lavender, by far,was the best seller. Best wishes!

18 03 2015

Thank you. It’s something that I have to try and I want to enjoy doing it to
I’d love to hear more about your business sometime take care

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