16 03 2015


Well so far so good the water trickling into the barn in minimal.    We will be having warm and cold days ahead with winds on Wednesday which will help get rid of some snow..  I can now see the rocks in my sons yard and some leaves too.

The Brick Meeting House

The Brick Meeting House

On Sunday while cleaning out the barn I hurt my shoulder.  I was lifting up a pitch fork full of barn sweepings and heard a crinkling sound and then came the pain.   I decided not to go to the ER.  I could move my arm and still function.  Nevertheless nothing more got accomplished that day.  I have called the doctor and cannot be seen till Wednesday  They think it might be a muscle tear.  


Please, I told you I don't like this kind of food

Please, I told you I don’t like this kind of food

Sam has come into his own here at the farm.  He wants to be loved, follows me around,a different cat then the one who came here In Sept.  The picture of him with his food and a toy on top of the food is a dissatisfied cat.  He like certain types of canned food and these weren’t among them.  He will eat some of it then he gets a toy and deposits it on top, while trying to cover up the food with and invisible towel.

I will be setting up an appointment for shearing day soon.  They will be glad to get this wool off.


Carol K and Lucy

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.



6 responses

17 03 2015

I do love seeing the pictures of your beautiful animals. Good luck with your shoulder. It is so frustrating when these things happen! Hopefully you’ll be all healed up and ready to go when gardening season finally comes.I am still paying the price from raking the roof…I should have had myself checked and didn’t. Your Sam sounds like quite the character!!

17 03 2015

The shoulder will be fine, roof raking is so hard on ones body. DId some of that this winter too. Sam is wonderful. He has come so far.

17 03 2015
Mary Anne Komar

So sorry about your shoulder maybe some ice would help!

17 03 2015

Mary Anne
Thanks for the good advice. I did try heat but it didn’t help that much, I am trying ice tonight.

17 03 2015
Eliza Waters

Sam is so darned cute! 🙂

17 03 2015

It’s taken him time to adjust, he is so darn funny always into mischief like cats should be. I love our warmish weathe, cold coming but it can’t last

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