4 03 2015


It’s not as cold today and we are suppose to get snow, sleet and freezing rain in the evening.  I am worried about the barn and will be putting sandbags u in front of the door later in the afternoon.  The chickens are laying more eggs and the sheep are getting rammy (butting each other) so spring can’t be far away.




I have a good amount of Bartlett yarn hanging around and decided to over dye it and sell it at Sheep and Shawl.  Tomorrow if the weather is good I will be bringing things to the shop for my hooking class and to sell. Liz is back from her wonderful time in Maine and I am anxious to hear all about it.



The house is much different now without him in it.  Thank you all for all you words of wisdom, you will never know how much they helped me.  I realized  in Owen’s death my calling always was animals.  I love them.  Sometimes they are here for a short time and others for a long time.  Even the naughty ones like Marley and Mr. Peepers are loved.  Thank you all.


I am trying to be a better finisher in the rug hooking area.  Lots and lots of unfinished projects.  I finally got this rabbit piece finished just in time for Easter.



This has been a horrible winter for so many folks.  Tonight was the last straw.  I went up to give the sheep water and the faucet came off in my hand.    I have been pretty good about all the broken pipes and hard work but I am now done.  Hope the melt is slow though I really don’t feel like doing a major barn and coop clean up.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this sunny March day.  I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole





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4 03 2015
Anne Wilson

Oh dear, they say these things are sent to try us, trouble is sometimes they do. Still spring is just around the corner, I hope you have a very slow thaw.

4 03 2015

So far the thaw is slow had a few inches of slushy snow last night and some more coming for tomorrow. Its getting warmer and the days are longer. They will be making maple syrup this week, thats a sure sign of spring.

4 03 2015
Louise G. de Tonnancour

Dear Carole, I’m so sorry to hear about Owen. Because of you he was able to receive real love. What a great gift you have given him and he knew it! Sincerely Louise

Envoyé de mon iPod

4 03 2015

I have been thinking about you so much. Thanks for the wonderful words of kindness. I am so glad that he came to live with me, only wish it could have been for a little longer. Will e-mail you soon.

4 03 2015

I love the way your hooked rabbit came out! The colors are so nice together and it is so full of personality and so cheerful.

4 03 2015

I enjoyed hooking it. I have a stack of rugs to finish and I plan to get to the this year.

4 03 2015
Eliza Waters

I love the rabbit rug – very sweet and just in time for spring. We are all very ready for the warmer weather!

4 03 2015

Thank you the pink was an old Irish blanket that had seen better days. I am ready for spring. If feels nice out today.

4 03 2015

Carole, I love the bunny rug! Hope to see you soon, and hope you have your rug-hooking samples for the shop – we need folks to see how wonderful they are! And your yarn looks delightful!

5 03 2015

SOrry I had to run, the game was great and Belchertown is now in the finals. I will stop back in soon with lavender and salve and maybe some more yarn.

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