1 03 2015





Helen is improving slowly, these things take time.  The vet said that she will be prone to these problems in the future so she will have to be watched closely.  SHe and Eddie will be together in the dog/chicken house on the side yard.  The bantams will be in the other  enclosed yard on the side.  I am going to change things around there so that I have a little more garden space.



6-8 inches is expected  and its started as flurries .   I was suppose to go to a Mass Sheep Show meeting in Hadley.  Even though its only 20 or so miles away it can be a world away in a snowstorm.  So I have decided not to go keeping safety at the forefront.  Our higher elevation tends to get more fierce driving conditions and going home could be dangerous.




The days are getting longer and the chickens have started  laying  more eggs.  Yesterday I got 5 eggs from the outside coops. There are 12 birds outside, 2 of them are roosters and Francis is 12 years old and is in semi-retirement (although this past summer laid a wonderful blue egg every other day) so 5 out of 9 is a great number for mornings that start out with 10 below temps.




The local sugarhouse is open for pancakes and more but the sap is not running yet.  Its still frozen in the trees.  We need some above freezing days and freezing night to get things going.

IMG_4636This is the back road up to Joe’s place where I get hay.  Its lined with Maple trees as they did in the old days.  Lots of back roads are lined with spectacular Maples making it easier to get a horse drawn sled  to the trees.  My Cousin Ernest sugared with a team of horses deep into the woods that sloped to the east.  He and the team of work horses worked well together.  I am glad that I was able to spend time at his farm each spring .  It is a beautiful memory.


The sky was so blue yesterday with no clouds.  I may complain about the winter and summer weather but I do love New England.

Many thanks for reading my blog  and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



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1 03 2015
Eliza Waters

Gorgeous red amaryllis, Carole. Wasn’t yesterday’s sky the best? I love days like that. More snow today and Wed. sounds unpleasant. Slowly shifting towards spring. Happy March!

1 03 2015

I bought it at Greenfield Farmers coop and its a double. Yes I love those deep blue skies.Had to pick up hay yesterday and I really enjoyed the ride. Hoping to avoid a big melt down and have it all slowly melt it looks like it might be that way. Will fill a couple of sandbags to put with them with the others in front of the barn door. Elliott is doing well and moving himself every day. The snow =has started here. Keep warm Eliza.I used to love to walk in the wood but can’t really do that anymore because of my knee but really enjoy the walks with you.

2 03 2015
Eliza Waters

How nice of you to say that Carole. I will remember that as I walk. Always grateful for your company. 😉

1 03 2015

Would you be interested in being an online chicken mentor to a completely clueless newbie? I live in Elon, NC, just purchased a 76 acre farm and was gifted 14 chickens by a high school classmate from my hometown who rescues chickens. I have already figured out that I have too many roosters…now I need help getting the girls in the best shape to lay eggs, figuring out what their poop is trying to tell me and how to keep the coop healthy…oyster shells, layer feed, apple cider vinegar vs bleach in water, deep litter method, oh my…

2 03 2015

I would be happy to help you with your new chicken venture the first thing I need to tell you is to use apple cider vinegar in the water only if you have plastic waters don’t use it if you have metal water containers I’ve never heard of anybody using bleach I wouldn’t use it. Deep litter method that I’m using right now is like a 4 inch layer of shavings the bigger shavings and about two or 3 inches of straw .
I’ve had chickens for about 12 years and I’ve learned a lot and I’d be so happy to share what I know any questions feel free to email me at anytime my email address is wspines@aol.com

2 03 2015
Anne Wilson

We have our first real fall of snow today, nothing like yours though, about two inches so far, the pup does not like it at all, I would have thought she would have loved playing in it.
I am wondering where you reader Shannon got the idea of using bleach in the chickens water, we have never heard that one before and that with having kept poultry for over forty years. I would love to know what the purpose of it is.

2 03 2015

I don’t know what the purpose of it is either I advised her not to use it anymore I can’t see how it could be good for the chickens. Of course a lot of our water over here has chlorine in it but in tiny amounts
Oh and he got very sick last night and with the snow I couldn’t take him to the emergency vet the roads were too dangerous he might’ve had a seizure all he does now is lay down, Poor little man I am worried
I would’ve thought the puppy would love the snow but she might be scared of it and it’s cold I hope it doesn’t last
We’re getting more snow tomorrow night and then I’ll turn to sleet and rain and I’ll be making sandbags today you’re my friend

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