23 02 2015



Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  It was above freezing for the first and last time this month.  During the winter we usually have a few above freezing days each month.  You can catch up on chores at these times but this year my water pipe to the barn has been frozen for most of the month and yesterday finally I got it thawed.  Now it will be fine no matter what the temps are.  I got lots of things done yesterday and it was uplifting.  Today I had to go to Greenfield early and it was so beautiful.  The sky was so blue.


The pussy willows are out too.

The  shadows in the woods were delightful.  


Today the temps will tumble-down to 10 and tonight temps will go to 15 or so below again.  I hope this is the last of it.

WEATHER ALERT FOR TONIGHT.  Protect all livestock and bring small animals in   I never heard of binging in livestock.  Of course all my animals are protected and the outside birds are well fed.

Ice jams started to thaw yesterday so my back door was frozen shut this morning.  Spots here and there  on the porch leaked.  Spring is coming and all that will be forgotten.


The chickens really like it and its fluffier than hay, doesn’t mold  and keeps them warmer.




With so may winter related things going on that I hardly have time to do anything else.  The class projects are just about done and I hope to have them at SHeep and SHawl on Wednesday.

Hygiene Hypothesis

Today while listening to VPR I heard an interesting discussion on Living In A World Too Clean.  It seems that children now days are getting more Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema.   They think that the children are kept too clean and do not have enough exposure to infectious agents which then  causes them to be susceptible to many other things, which means the immune system does not function properly.  Last year I read an article that told of children of farmers get sick a lot less.  The reason is that they are exposed to many things day in and day out.  It all makes perfect sense..  I thought this was so interesting and wanted to pass it onto you.

The wind is picking up now and the bitter cold is settling in, many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole






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23 02 2015
Kellie from Indiana

Am seeing signs of the change of seasons, albeit with frigid temps it seems still a aways away. We have to move this spring to an as yet unknown location so I am looking forward to and dreading, the change of seasons. Alot of work ahead packing, and I wont have a garden this year 😦

Glad to see all is well. Had an abcess and then extraction so I am going to rest. Have a great week!

24 02 2015

I have been thinking about you Kellie as the pussy willows start to bloom and was going to ask you when you want me to send you some Will you move this spring? I have moved a few times I know how much work it is Where ever it is you will make it a wonderful home with gardens.

1 03 2015
Kellie from Indiana

I will be glad to get the willows whenever you get around to it! I plan to pot them this time around till they root so I can take them wherever I go.

1 03 2015

I will wait till the temps get a little warmer could you send me your address again.
Great idea about potting them up.

23 02 2015
Eliza Waters

I, too, am ready for warmer weather. What a crazy winter this has been so far. It looks like sugar season will be later this year. C’mon sun! Stay warm tonight, Carole!

24 02 2015

I could feel the cold seeping in the house this afternoon. Its bitter out there now. We will all get through this but I am making a list and adding to it daily of things to fix for next winter. Looking forward to see the dirt again. Stay warm this night. Carole

24 02 2015
Anne Wilson

I’m amazed how far advanced your pussy willows are, ours are only just swelling.

24 02 2015

This pussy willow has grown into a tree and I am cutting it back each year. But it starts looming in latte November and they stay on the tree all thougt this bad weather. As soon as the warmer weather comes they will really. I bought.he plant through A catalog

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