18 02 2015


The last snowstorm left us with 4 inches.  It snowed for almost 36 hours so I was sure we would get a lot.  A pleasant surprise.  Its going to snow tonight into tomorrow with 2 – 4 inches and again over the weekend.  But today after temps below zero its suppose to get into the mid twenties.  On the good side of things oil prices are low so that helps out in the heating department.

This is how Shorty handles snowstorms

This is how Shorty handles snowstorms



Morticia is eating and Violet is waiting for her turn.

Violet laid her first egg yesterday.  Its small but shaped like her Mom’s.  I have included a picture of VIolets egg, her Mom’s and Mrs. Brown’s.


Violet’s egg with her Mothers on top.  Mrs. Brown is on the bottom.  Mrs. Brown’s eggs are always plumper.

 .Eggs are interesting and if you purchase eggs in the store all the time they all look the same.  But buying from a local farmer or raising your own you notice how each eggs is different and in families the egg shape stays the same.  I wonder why in the U.S.  eggs and fruit have to be perfect.  In nature and on organic farms they are not.  They are just as good though.

Chris and I are working on cleaning the barn.  It’s really too cold to spend a lot of time in there.  We have been spending and hour or so a day.  Today we are getting 10 bales of hay from Joe.  He doesn’t have much left.  I have shoveled the to the top of the small hill in back and plan to get sandbags to lay across it.  HOping that will make a difference in water coming into the barn.  I hope we have a slow snow melt.

Looking out the downstairs bathroom window.  There is a stone wall in there somewhere

Looking out the downstairs bathroom window. There is a stone wall in there somewhere


We brought Helen in last night, she has an impacted crop.  Some hens are susceptible to this.  SHe was getting beat up on by the rooster who  is kind to the other hen.  He will spend next winter in the barn by himself.  I am massaging her crop and hopefully moving things through and she is getting only yogurt and boiled egg for the next 24 hours.  I will massage her crop tonight too.  She is a sweet girl hope she can get through this..  This is the last cage I have so I hope that everyone else can stay in the coop!!!!!!!!!



Many thanks for reading my blog on this sunny winter day.  I hope your day is wonderful.   Carole





4 responses

18 02 2015

Poor Helen. She looks just like my Beatrix. What are the symptoms of an impacted crop? All my girls are fine, but it s always know things to look for.

19 02 2015

Her crop is huge and you can feel stuff inside. If there head is tilted they throw up. I will massage her tonight again. Are your girls enjoying their time inside

19 02 2015
Eliza Waters

Hurray for Violet – good going. I hope Helen is feeling better and I agree with Shorty about what to do on a cold winter’s day! 😉

19 02 2015

Shorty has always know what to do in a crisis, take a nap! I think I should have followed that advice long ago. I have been working on Helen but she may have to see the vet. Will see how she does over the weekend. SHe is happy being inside. Stay warm its suppose to be real cold tonight

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