9 02 2015


My son shoveled off the porch roof which had a foot and a half of snow on it and Charlie and Tyler put most of the wood on the porch..    It’s so wonderful to have those two things done.  I do not have to worry about the porch roof  anymore and the wood is easier for me to get right off the porch.

Taken by my neighbor CHrista during the last storm  Thanks Christa

Taken by my neighbor CHrista during the last storm Thanks Christa


Elliott is recovered from his ordeal and is getting up and moving around..  Things are back to normal for him.


They are calling for 18 inches of snow starting this afternoon through early Tuesday morning.  This kind of storm reminds me of winters we had  when I was a child.  There was always enough snow to build an igloo . The snow along side the roads was much higher than our car when going  to see family in CHesterfield.   Kids will have to make up snow days now.  And at the end of the week we will have below zero temps again.  The days are getting longer and winter won’t give up without a fight, spring will be here soon.  Hope springs eternal.


While I was cleaning up their winter quarters a few days ago Mrs. Brown laid and egg and immediately started to make a nest.


 Hazel gave her a hand flicking some hay her way.  It was exciting but then I though it will probably be another rooster.  Oh No,   I have 4 roosters and enough is enough.  I did leave them and came back later and the nest was scattered and the egg cold and it was buried under some shavings.  She had her couple of hours thinking about being a Mom again and thought against it.


Many thanks for reading my blog, hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole





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9 02 2015

We have the same forecast here. I have towels and a basin in the upstairs bathroom window because of an ice dam… oh well, Spring is on the way. Your salt and pepper chickens are so pretty, mostly everyone has Reds around here, also pretty:)

9 02 2015

I hope you can get your ice dam cleared up. I have had those before. So much ice this year/ The chickens are Mile Fleur’s and are Bantams.All chickens are pretty I love them all. These two are particular funny as they are a couple. He was very ill last winter and I had to take him to a chicken Vet in Northampton. They were separated and she got ill too. Their reunion was a beautiful thing to see.

9 02 2015
Eliza Waters

Glad to hear you are set for the pending weather. And to think we still have a ways to go yet. Your hyacinth is very cheerful. Hazel and Mrs. Brown are such a cute couple!

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