4 02 2015



Well we got a little over a foot of snow so today I got the roof shovel out and will have to do the porch roof.  Right now its a balmy 0 outside, my dear friends in Florida enjoy that sunshine I wish I was there.


This cold is supposed to hold on for at least this week with highs in the teens.  I have frozen pipes again the same ones as before.  I have lots of issues to address this coming summer.


Even with this cold the snow is beautiful and in another month things will be different. Ice cycles are everywhere.


The woodpecker even came to the feeder today.  And the whole family of blue jays were there too.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope the weather is better where you are.





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4 02 2015
Eliza Waters

Nice photos of the snow. Yes, despite the cold, it is so very beautiful, isn’t it?

4 02 2015

Yes it is but I have almost had it so March is what I am looking forward to.

4 02 2015
Anne Wilson

It looks very pretty Carole, we are also having cold weather but little snow, was – 4c last nigh and has not got above freezing all day, we also have frozen water pipes, something that will have to be addressed soon rather than later, not having any water in the taps is not funny, fortunately we did fill up a couple of 5lt plastic bottles before hand so we can still have our cuppa. Lets hope it gets warmer for both of us soon.

4 02 2015

Isn’t that unusual for Ireland to have frozen pipes. I sometimes see water pipes on the outside of cottages. It will be – 20 below zero for a night or two and still cold weather and more snow to follow. Global warming sure has made our weather unperdictable. I am glad you had some water. My

4 02 2015

I don;t know what happened to the mail but here is the finish My pipes are still frozen they go to the boiler. They are the same ones that were frozen a few weeks ago.I was hoping they would thaw today with temps in the 20’s buts its turning cold again. I have to leave my water running in the kitchen sink every night. Would that have helped you? Hope we both get better weather.
My best to you both

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