27 01 2015



All the preparation was for not.  We had around 6 inches of snow.  It was very windy and still is windy but we didn’t lose power and the snow was light and fluffy.    It was and is very cold.  Icicles now hang from the roofs.



One of the preparations for the storm was separating Elliott from the sheep.  I had a gate which almost fits across the barn and he has been very comfortable there.  He will get up and move around but doesn’t have to worry about the sheep eating his food and tripping him.  I notice on warmer days he is much better much like me arthritis does that. It’s hard to watch such a vibrant and regal animal wind down.  He has protected the sheep day and night and now deserves some peace from them. 

This is the year of separating Marly too.  At least in the winter.  He is so unruly and can be quite mean.  I can never turn my back on him or I will be flying in the air like a cartoon character.  He will be in the same area that the sheep are in but he will not be with them.  


The birds have kept me hopping, eating food faster than I can fill the feeders.  Our neighborhood Ruby Woodpecker even came around trying to finish off the suet.


Not the greatest picture taken through the kitchen window, he was pecking at the suet 100 miles an hour!

I have been spending this down time mending some things.  I have a whole basket full of things that need a little hand sewing here and there.  It’s a perfect thing to do on a cold, windy day.  I also managed to fix a problem on my computer although it took me a few timeS of playing around with it to get it done.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and i hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole





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