16 01 2015


We have had some terrible weather, I was plagued with some frozen pipes which thawed and were fine, now it seems that there is a boiler issue.  Someone is coming today to see.   No heat in the kitchen except for the wood stove.  Which means I am getting up often at night to put wood in.  The kitchen is a separate zone.  Will be glad to have that issue cleared up as tonight temps are going near 10 below with the wind chill.


We had some great snow recently.  It was perfect for making snowmen and sledding.  Lil really enjoys the sled .




I usually watch movies or documentary’s when I am hooking.  Yesterday I came across one that I highly recommend.  It is about the trials and tribulations of 2 college men spending the summer in Guatemala and living on a dollar a day to better learn about extreme poverty.  We in America think we know a lot about poverty.  But I think like everything else you have to live it to know it.  We have many programs that will help you, in other countries you are on your own.  An interesting fact I learned was 1.1 billion people around the world live on a dollar or less a day.  After a couple of weeks into it they realized that they didn’t have much energy and became lethargic.  Bad nutrition was the cause of this some children don’t have the energy to play.  Things are improving slowly  There are some programs set up in Guatemala that will loan people small amounts of money to start businesses.  Rosa borrowed $200. and started a weaving business. Now she is able to save some money for emergencies. This was a thought provoking movie which ended with a positive note.


This winter/spring hooking class at SHeep and Shawl has to pieces to choose from  Each can be a hanging or chair pad.  The one I am working on now is called Posies in a Vase.  I am enjoying it.


Many thanks for reading my blog today, hope you are keeping warm.  Carole











4 responses

17 01 2015
Eliza Waters

Sledding looks like it was fun.
Re: the movie – there is a micro-loan organization called that you might be interested in checking out. I love the idea of helping families create their own income. And amazingly, the default rate on these loans is very low. They really appreciate it and work so hard to make themselves successful.
Hope the issue with the boiler is successfully resolved. That wind is making it bitterly cold out there. Thank goodness for the wood stove!

17 01 2015

There was a mention of a loan program not associated with a bank. It also taught them how to save. I really enjoyed the movie and hope more people will watch it . Thanks for the information. The problem is solved so far. It was frozen pipes and they thawed slowly. They were replacement pipes which were plastic more forgiving than copper. I will have to keep the temp in the kitchen at 70 in order for the furnace to keep working in there during this cold snap/ I am keeping the stove going too. Stay warm

20 01 2015

Snow in Ireland too but maybe not as deep as yours. Not as cold either.

21 01 2015

We have had ice on top of the snow which makes walking or driving very scary. Spring is on the way for you. Do you have much snow where you live?

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