1 12 2014


Last night was a beautiful but cold night.  Today was warmer.  All kinds of birds are flocking to the feeders,  I just love watching them. Cindy and I had a wonderful time at Chandlers for Thanksgiving, the food was excellent.  We stayed the night at The Deerfield Inn which was delightful. 



I saw this wonderful sheep ornament on the Shetland Wool page.  I found some directions and this is how it looks so far.  There are some mistakes which will be fixed when I do the next one.  It called for styrofoam  balls but I don’t have any and I would have to drive 20 miles to get them.  I don’t know just what size I would need so ordering them isn’t a way to go.  I thought I would stuff them with cotton and put some balsam in them.  WHen I am done I will post the picture.  They are fun to make.



I have had chickens for over 10 years and have enjoyed every part of having them.  What is especially nice is the eggs.  Never knowing when a off size will happen or a different color.  Its a surprise every day.  The hens are laying a little more now.  Yea and no lights so far.  I am going to get a light in the big coop and there is a light in the rooster coop, on cold days it does add some warmth.



Owen is a wonderful cat.  Why people get rid of older animals is a mystery to me.  They are quiet, and so grateful.  He is a dear.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful night.  Hope your day was wonderful.  Carole






4 responses

1 12 2014

Owen looks so warm nice and cozy!
Just love your knitting hat with the sheep!

8 12 2014

Good morning Louise.
I have finished the CHristmas Ball and will post it. I like the idea of a hat though. Owen is so sweet, I am so glad that I adopted him.

6 12 2014

carol, I have some plastic (not styrofoam) balls – call me if you are interested. Vickie S.

8 12 2014

I would love to try them, sorry I didn’t get back sooner computer woes, namely microsoft updating!!!!!
Hope to see you this week

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