26 11 2014


I finished unpacking books that were brought back from Belchertown.  Amongst them are The Harvard Classic which my father had bought for his Grandchildren.  In the pile was this wonderful book                         .  Printed in 1941 Its a book of wonderful photo’s of rural Vermont and a one of two paragraph remark about the picture.


 I especially love this one which was taken  before World War ll.




Molly and Dolly were hens that were given to me by a friend whose Mother could no longer take care of them.  Sadly Dolly died this past year but Molly is still full of vim and vigor.  Last night she decided to perch in an unusual place the screen door that separates the coop. SHe didn’t mind that the screen came down.  Changes are always made between the two coops when I am feeding or cleaning them out.  This past week Matilda  joined Hazel’s group while Samantha joined Murphy’s.  Life among chickens isn’t that different from people’s lives.


I will have to fix the screen again although no one seems to mind.  You can see that she can hardly keep her eyes open it was way past her bedtime!


Its coming down in a sleet and snow mix and I am sure will soon change over to a full snow.  We are suppose to get 6-12 inches closer to 12 in these hills.  The birds know that it’s coming and have been eating through all the bird food since yesterday.  I will do a refill before the storm gets going in force.

I love snowy days.  After tidying up the house I plan to get the wood stove going and knit the day away.  I don’t do enough of the things I love but winter time is when I can catch up on all my projects.

The lights flickered off and then on again.  The snow is heavy on the power lines and the wind is starting to blow.  It’s after 4 pm and its been snowing for quite some time.  The picture below was taken about 4 pm.  I think we might just get the 12 inches.



Thank you so much for reading my blog on this snowy day.  I hope you are cozy and warm today.    Carole



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26 11 2014

When my parents moved to Florida, I bought that book for my father. He grew up on Vermont so I thought he would like to remember it in sunny Fla. No idea what became of it. It was a great book.

27 11 2014

I don’t know how or why the book came into my parents life but I really didn’t joy looking at it and I’ll treasure it isn’t it interesting that you bought the samebook your father probably eenjoyed it a lot
Lights goin on and off

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