21 10 2014


MOre rain is coming, I am feeling well enough to do some necessary things to get the outside chickens in.  I am hoping to get 3 chickens in today and leave the two new gals out  for a while more.   


I have been under the weather for a while now.  I have a digestive disease and have had it for some time.    For the most part life goes on with it but there are times when it rears its ugly head.  Lots of stress tends to bring on an attack.  I am in contact with my doctor and a medication was called in and when I went to pick it up last night at one of the few locally owned pharmacies left, the Pharmacist came out to tell me that the script was $450. for a one months supply.  I have been on the phone with the Nurse this morning and hopefully we can find something that is less expensive.  Our health care system is in shambles and has been for years. I remember when I worked in Maryland many seniors could not receive all the meds they needed each month because they couldn’t afford them.  Other countries manage quite well why can’t we?  A lot of it has to do with the drug companies with all their free lunches and trips and dinners out.  Both working in a community heath center and a mental health clinic I saw how they operated.  I was so proud of the community heath center, they would not accept free lunches ( which cost 250 and up and could be had from 5 different drug companies each week. the only thing they accepted from the drug companies was samples of medication.}


There are so many benefits to living in a small town.  One is a local newsletter available on the internet which lets you  know of the goings on in town.  I learned that the town has a grant for  a Foot Nurse.  SHe is available on Wednesdays and one needs to make an appointment.  I went a few weeks ago, and learned for the first time that I had flat feet.  No wonder I have been having problems.  I picked up the recommended supports and my feet are so much better.  She also told me about a product she makes up and recommends for keeping your feet fungus free.  One bottle of cheap listerine type mouthwash, a glass jar with a lid on it and some small cotton balls.   Fill the jar with cotton balls and then add the listerine.



 Use after baths or showers, just by patting the cotton balls all around your toes.  So easy to do with little cost.


Its wonderful to have them, they are so cute and full of life.  The run around constantly and Morticia calls them for new treats.  Today they had some clover and the noise from the room!  Mama was happy and so were they.



I think Peeps might be a Rooster what do you think Anne?



There is still time to get into the Primitive SUnflower class at Sheep and Shawl.  It will be this Saturday.  Also still time for the Hooking with yarn class too.  Call Liz to get a place in these classes.

As the leaves begin to fall and the chill gets in the air I look forward to the quiet time of the season.  Fall and Winter are quiet times at the farm.  Time to get inside projects done and my have time once again for my beloved rug hooking, spinning and sewing.  Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole






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22 10 2014
Anne Wilson

Sorry to hear that you have not been well, I think most countries health systems are in a state of chaos, I know Irelands is. GP’s are afraid to diagnose anything other than a cold, they send you to the hospital for tests, hospital appointments can take nearly a year to come through. Our nearest Emergency hospital is over an hours drive away, GP’s no longer do house calls or work at weekends.
I would need to see both chicks together but one seems to have a well formed comb, so my bet would be a cock. Hope you feel better soon.

23 10 2014

I will try and get a picture of the two of them but I can really see the difference. I am recovering but it will take some time. Yes it can be that way here too, but not long waits for hospitals. We have many hospitals, each community has one so that is a good thing Hope all is well.

23 10 2014
Dora Friedli

Hi Carole,
Hope you’re feeling better and have found your medication at an affordable price. Three years ago, right before my husband passed away, I paid $400.00 for a weeks worth of injectable medication that his doctor prescribed. He passed before it was used. I took it back to the Pharmacy to see if I could get the money refunded. They refused, saying that after It was taken out of the store, they could not take it back. It was unopened and not damaged in any way. I found a group of “Doctors without Borders” who were glad to have it. Although I was happy it was going to help someone rather than being wasted, I feel that I should have been able to get the money back. I agree. There is a lot wrong with our medical system.

Dora Friedli

23 10 2014

I was able to get medication for a $10.00 co pay I am glad that you were able to find someone who could use the medication, it is a shame that you had to pay that much. We do need a change.

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