9 10 2014


Today start out very windy but then grew into a beautiful sunny fall day.



A big surprise Yesterday when I found 2 sweet little bantam chicks under Morticia.   I added more hay and Mrs. Brown was standing guard so no other hens would come near the new babies.I left them in the Caravan for the night but took them out today and put them into a cat carrier in the house.  They will stay in there till the others come in which will be in a week or two.  They both seem to be doing well.  Mom is good and taking good care of the little ones.  Peeps and Tweets are their names.



Sam has another infection and is on antibiotics.  The vet also suggested Lysine for all the cats.  I have started giving them it.  It helps with stress.  The old cats have been under stress with the new cats coming and the new cats were on lot of stress being moved around.  He is acting much better today.







Gary left today by Amtrak..  He will be home sometime after 9 pm and may come back up for Christmas.   The Brattleboro station is always interesting.  They are very friendly there coming out and giving updates on the trains arrival and what is going on at the station.  In May they invite people to come and learn about train safety     There are many lives lost each year by people walking on the tracks.  It’s a very good program for children who often tend to play on the tracks or put pennies on the track.  If a train hits the pennies in the right way they will shoot faster than a bullet.  I hope that my Grand children can make one of these weekends.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole and Owen.




4 responses

9 10 2014
Eliza Waters

Those chicks are just the sweetest things! Morticia is such a good brood hen. Won’t it be nice when Amtrak comes through Greenfield? So much more convenient!

9 10 2014

Yes Morticia just loves hatching eggs and raising chicks, she is good at it and has help from Mrs. Brown. Yes they said maybe after the first of the year.

12 10 2014
Kellie from Indiana

I couldnt afford a dehydrater this year otherwise Id have done that with my tomatoes. I heard you can lay them on a screen in the sun but we barely had sun this summer. I just chopped and froze them this year. Hopefully money will be better next yearand I can get all on my list and save freezer space.

13 10 2014

I am so sorry you couldn’t get a dehydrator this year. I use mine from the beginning of summer till the end. I love the tomato and olive oil thing but they use so many tomatoes. I must have used 10 tomatoes in that little jar. I will probably only make one jar a year and that will be for my son in law who loves things like that. Hoe you can get one soon.

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