8 10 2014

Bad weather was coming through my area last night and in some parts of town it did.  There was at least one micro burst in town in which cars were in trees and 100 year old trees were thrown around..   Some things on the porch were knocked over but no water in the barn.  I made sure everything was dug out before I went to bed.


The tomatoes dried nicely and I will do more today.  It takes a lot of dried tomatoes  to fill a small jar.  The recipe called for blanching the dried tomatoes in wine vinegar and patting them dry before putting them into the jar.  I packed each jar with sprigs of rosemary and some basil salt and pepper, covered all with a good olive oil.  Olive oil should cover the tomatoes completely.  I will be checking the jar for a few days and adding more olive oil as needed.


 This jar is for my Son in Law Rick who really appreciates things like this.



Yesterday we took a little ride on the Mohawk Trail.  Things have changed so much there that we cold hardly recognize where we visited as children.   It was a beautiful ride though and we saw the famous Indian statue.  The Indian culture is so much apart of this area.  There are shops and Pow Wow’s are held nearby.





  Many parts of the road were washed out during the last hurricane.


 The scenery was spectacular.  So many hairpin turns.






Sammy has been coughing and sneezing so its off to the bets we go  It is his very first visit to Dr. Funk’s.  He has made this his home and found a lot of wonderful places where the other Sammy liked too.



Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.




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8 10 2014
Anne Wilson

Hope Sammy is OK, our two kittens Misty and Freddy had their last injections on Friday, they can now go outside when I feel confident enough to let them out! Freddy I don’t think will be a problem as he likes to stay close to me, Misty on the other hand is a tomboy and is into everything, she will have to be closely supervised.

9 10 2014

Sammy is okay. The vet said it wasn’t really over when he came to me or he caught another infection. She gave him antibiotics and also some lysine for the rest of the cats. He had no fever at all and is now getting back to his old self. I am sure they will both be okay but it is a worry at first. The news said that Ireland got lots of rain did you get too much. Are your tanks topped of?

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