2 10 2014



We have had a couple of dreary days of rain, But the Sun will be out later in the day.  Owen is helping me with the blog today. The leaves are really turning fast this year and the best viewing will be a week earlier than usual.


I bought over 50 pounds of tomatoes on Monday and have already started freezing them.  Today I am going to dry some in the dehydrator and put a soup mix in the crock pot.  This along with the other 2 boxes should be enough for the year.  I froze some beans, cauliflower and leeks in the last few days too.   I found a wonderful recipe online for dried tomatoes in olive oil which I plan to make in a day or two.  They sound wonderful and will make some tasty presents for the holiday season.



I got out a big order to Camp Wool last week.  She wanted a Christmas green and I have been trying to get the  color with many failures.    I did come close, so today I will send her a picture of it and see if its okay to send.


I called my friend Deb to see if she had any ideas and also called the dye company for help, both suggested more yellow in the dye pot, which produced the following color..


My Cousin Gary is coming for a visit arriving by Amtrak this evening.  He will be helping me around the farm while he is here.  I hope we can make some needle felted leaves and acorns.  Cindy sent me a box of the tops yesterday and Gary is bringing some.



Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole






4 responses

3 10 2014
lisa merian

So breathtaking! I know it is a busy time of the year, enjoy your harvest.
Greens can be tricky. I love the color you dyed.

3 10 2014

It is a busy time of year as you know. Getting the farm tightened up for the cold weather. I love dyeing always am happy with what I got. ts hard to get a particular color. Its the best I can do and I like it too. . It must be beautiful your way too.

3 10 2014
Anne Wilson

Your tree colours are fantastic we never get anything like that colouring here.

3 10 2014

This is a beautiful place to live in the fall and the colors haven’t peaked yet. Next week will be the week with reds and oranges. I remember mostly yellows in the fall in Ireland. It was beautiful too.

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