28 09 2014




Its nippy this morning with temps in the 40’s but will warm up into the 80’s. So much to do before the real cold weather comes in.  We put some spray insulation in the hole near the back door yesterday.  And I did a little painting.  I hope to get some of the porch floor painted today.


Here is a glimpse of the two eggs that Morticia is sitting on.  She has made a real cozy nest.

photo (58)


Here is a picture of my peaches.  They have spotS on them.


 They are good but not as sweet as most peaches are.  I am going to try to see what can be done to prevent this.  Is it some sort of blight or inscect damage?    This is the second year this tree has had fruit.  Last year the same thing happened and they all fell off.  This year the fruit grew to full size and stayed on the tree.  I wonder if the tree needs more sun or more fertilizer.




The woods are starting to be ablaze with color and the acorns are falling like rain.


 Unfortunately the sheep get up much earlier than me and eat the acorns biting the tops to release the nut.  I have been hunting to the tops to make felted acorns but they are far and few between.  Chris and Ricky will pick some  from near their house and send them to me.  Yea!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks you so much for reading my blog.  Carole





2 responses

29 09 2014
Anne Wilson

Owen looks beautiful, have you managed to get all the knots out of him? I have a silver Persian who adores being groomed, I use a wide tooth afro comb on her.
Have you ever pruned your peach tree? Now is too late but May June time reduce each branch by one third even if they are bearing fruit. A good mulch of compost now will probably help the tree.

29 09 2014

Owen is a grateful cat. The vet tech took out some knots and I have too. I am working on his tail. He came to me very matted and with fleas, he was being fostered out and not in the shelter. He loves to be combed and comes to the computer while I am writing my blog every morning to get his daily combing. I am so glad I adopted him.
I haven’t pruned my peach tree. Its suppose to be a dwarf tree but its over 10 feet tall now. Is that what is causing the brown spots on them? Thanks so much for you advice its always so useful. Hope you get more rain, did you get the new tanks in?

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