17 09 2014


Sammy watching the birds with the draft dodger stuffed cats

Sammy watching the birds with the draft dodger stuffed cats

This morning is wet and gloomy.  The smell of wood smoke was in the air.  We can use the rain it was getting  a bit dry.  The rest of the week will be lovely.  Several skunks have been visiting the two houses for the past few nights.  So far they have not gone into the barn.  But they have perfumed my whole house.


photo (19)


Early on Saturday morning I will be up at the crack of dawn to vend at the Sewing Exchange.  It’s a once a year event at the Congregational Church in Florence.  I have never been but heard rave reviews of it.  If you need anything to do with sewing, knitting , rug hooking you will find it there very reasonable.  I am hoping to find new owners for braiding materials, weaving materials and sewing things.  There won’t be any finished products for sale.  They say the crowds wait outside the door.   Looking forward to the event.


Wood for the winter will be coming sometime this weekend.  Mike Purrington supplies my wood which is cut from his wood lot.  I will be busy over the next few weeks stacking it on the porch.   He is the fellow who makes my large wooden Knitting Needles so he will take that project back with him.  I should have them in a week or so.


Sammy and Owen ate doing well, it’s a blended family now, no hissing or disagreements.  Both the new kitties \are waiting each morning and night for their canned food. 

Sammy and SHorty

Sammy and SHorty



I am lucky to live in such a nice neighborhood.  But there is one person who will complain about me or my animals every chance he gets and it’s not just me he complains about every little thing..    Tonight he called the animal/health inspector about a smell certainly coming from my house.  It was a detergent smell.  SInce I was not doing anything with detergent. it wasn’t me .  He told the inspector that I must be draining my washer into the street, well it goes into a sewer system.  Its harassment and I am getting sick of it.  Of course the inspector didn’t find anything  but I had to explain and it took time.    I am so lucky to live in a Right to Farm community as the last time he told me that he would make me get rid of my chickens.    Well tomorrow is another day..

Many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole








4 responses

17 09 2014
Anne Wilson

Neighbours that complain are normally either very lonely or very sad people with too much time on their hands. There always seems to be one which causes ill feeling all around the neighbourhood.
So pleased to see the now cat have settled well and have made friends.

18 09 2014

The cats are doing so well, much better than I expected. Its sad but I am taking some action. I cannot let his bully carry on especially when I didn’t do anything.

18 09 2014
Kellie from Indiana

I do believe it is harassment. I have a junkie living on the other side of the road from me that will be so loud its unreal. Weve watched her steal from her exasperated husband and all that. We keep to ourselves but there is a pressure cooker environment that we want to get out of. Neighbors have the ability to destroy peaceful living.

18 09 2014

The big thing is that I didn’t do anything. He has been bullying me off an on since I moved here and I am drawing a line in the sand now. You are right bad neighbors can ruin a peaceful life.

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