15 09 2014



Yesterday I brought my Grandmother’s Darning Egg over to Ken Noyes wood working shop.  He will copy it and I will have them on my web site and in the Sheep and Shawl Shop and also I hope to have them at some Rug hooking shops.

I love going over to his shop, it reminds me of childhood days visiting  the wood working shop in CHesterfield.  The smell of freshly cut wood is wonderful.  

Ken has many acres of wooded land and cuts his own trees and makes them into lumber.  He sells wonderful chairs made all by hand from his own wood.  His prices are very reasonable about $500. per chair.  You may think that sounds like a lot of money but you can’t forget that each chair is totally made from a tree he cut.  It takes a week or so to make a chair not counting the time in the woods.

Each Darning Egg will be made from several trees which he has cut from his property.  When He looked at the darning egg he was excited to make them.  He though Birch or Maple would be good for them.  I am excited to have them made by him and they will be something that can be used for generations.  I will post a picture of them here when they are done and a picture of his wonderful chairs.

Darning has become popular again as more and more people knit socks.  If it takes 8 hours or more to knit a pair of socks not counting the time if you spin the yarn or the cost of the yarn, you just don’t want to throw them out when they get a hole. Our ancestors darned all their socks and its back in vogue.  There are you tube video’s on how to do it.  This is an exciting new product for me.




I finally finished the class sample yesterday.  It is totally made from yarn and roving.  I filled mine with rose petals and lavender and will use it on my piano.  I had a hard time deciding on the background color and tried 3 different colors before I found this roving that I had dyed many years ago.

It’s very cool here this morning down in the 30’s.  Time to button up the house and get the plants inside for the winter.  Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole



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15 09 2014

Yeah! I definitely want a darning egg when they are ready. Does this mean that Liz will teach a class in darning? That will be great!

15 09 2014

I think she will be in the future.

15 09 2014
Anne Wilson

I’d never heard of a darning egg, this side of the Atlantic there used to be darning mushrooms, same principle, but have not seen them for years.

15 09 2014

Isn’t that interesting, my family called them darning balls but most people know them as darning eggs. These ones that Ken is making have a handle. People are getting back to repairing things which is good.

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