12 09 2014






Owen and Sammy are settling in quite nicely.  Before they came it  was quiet, cats sleeping most of the day and night away.  Up for meals and the occasional bird watching.  All that has changed.  Sammy is long and sleek and sails through the air, up and down the stairs with Willie chasing him and him chasing Willie even Owen joined in on the fun.  Shorty stands on the sidelines and looks aloof.  This playing stuff is beneath him!  Balls of yarn are unwound, paper in shreds and a dead mole in the entrance to the bathroom was all discovered this morning.  Life is exciting once again on the farm.




According to the gentleman who came yesterday to look it over there are two ways of doing it.  One is the quick fix and the other a permanent solution.  I probably will go with the quick fix and they may be all I need now..  It would require a days work with a small machine digging the trench much deeper maybe a foot deep and moving dirt away from the barn and digging out near the barn and putting some pipe in.  Then I will have to add a wooden board from the barn out into the yard.  He suggested that the sheep not be on the land next summer and try to grow some deep-rooted pasture grasses/.  I will look into this.  They use to go to my friend Lynn’s for what we called summer camp.  But the distance to her house is a hard drive up some steep hills not suitable for a daily drive in an older car.  I will start looking for a place near here..


Today I am washing Sadie’s last good fleece.  I will be spinning this coming winter.




Yesterday was hot and humid although my house was stone cold.  The weather changed during the night and its much cooler now and warmer in my house..  

Owen went to the doctors yesterday and he was very anxious.  Many tests were done on him and the results were good.  I have to increase his medication otherwise the results were good.  They were able to get some of the mats off of him, he came to me really matted.  All cats received flea medication last night.  This has been a flea less house for some years now and I don’t want them back.  They will get treatment for the next 2 months.  Dr. Funk thinks he is older than they said.  He is a wonderful cat, he makes a great addition to the farm.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful day.  I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole




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13 09 2014
Eliza Waters

So glad your new buddies are adding cheer to your house – they look happy and relaxed. Love the morning glories!

13 09 2014

The morning glories are past their prime now but really put on a show for the whole summer, I hope they come up again next spring. The cats are a hoot and the two that were couch potatoes are not active again.

13 09 2014

Nothing like a young cat to liven things up! They are gorgeous and very lucky boys to come to live at Whispering Pines. I do hope you can come up with a solution for your barn…good luck!

13 09 2014

It has livened the place up even SHorty is now getting into the action. I think that it will be solved this fall. We will get together soon I just have to get through this coming week.

13 09 2014

Ok…let me know when is a good time for you….I can’t wait to meet your new boys!

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