11 09 2014



When you hear mice in the walls, your cats leave a present for you or you find half a loaf of home-made bread with a large part missing and the plastic it was wrapped in torn to shreds.   I have  had all three happen within the last week.  The night before last I found my wonderful cinnamon raisin bread eaten and decided to see what had done it.  I put flour down last night and found mouse foot prints all through it.   Tonight I have two release live traps and will set them and see what happens.  I am hoping that they will find the peanut butter that is tucked inside very inviting.


Sammy and Scrappy Owen

The cats had made adjustments and it still will take some time to settle in.  Owen thinks he owns the place and hisses at everyone.



 Sammy frolics the day away and was confused by the kitty litter which is yesterdays news.  Unfortunately he found another place to go.



 Today I bought some  clumping litter for him and he jumped in it and used it right away.  Owen is going to the vets tomorrow for a check, He is older and has some health issues which are under control with medication.  He is a love, wants to be around me and Willie likes him a lot but Owen isn’t sure about WIllie..



The Mornings have been cool so this morning I decided to give the hens and roosters some oatmeal.  They were so happy.  


Temps have gotten in the upper 40’s.   Time to clean the chimney and replace some of the stove pipes and clean out the Pellet stove.  David usually does those chores for me.  Soon I will be getting the winter supply of pellets and some more wood.  Although I have been waiting on the wood as the town will be cutting down a tree across the road  and I am hoping I can get that wood.  The tree is dead so I should be able to use it after the first of the year safely.


Both have taken over the garden.  I still can’t see how many pumpkins are growing, the leaves are so big.


Funeral plans are still up in the air.  My Mom will be flown home either tomorrow or Friday then plans will be made.  Many thanks for all you prayers and wonderful messages.  They mean so much to me.  Carole





2 responses

11 09 2014
Eliza Waters

Too bad about the mold and mice. Once the wood stove fires up that should take the damp out and maybe the kitties will help with the mice? Thankfully you have two new babies to happily distract you. Sounds like they are adjusting well. They are so handsome!

11 09 2014

Well the mice avoided the peanut butter!!!!!! But they will get caught. Yes the mold will be gone soon. Its the price we have to pay t live in a place with a plentiful water supply. he cats are adjusting and are both delights.

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