3 09 2014



I woke up at 4 am to feel the gentle cool breezes of a change of  weather.  The humidity is gone and the air is fresh.  We also had a little gentle rain. All the animals have perked up too.



Willie was off to the vets today. He has been coughing and sneezing and with Big Sam just recovering from a respiratory illness I want to make sure he is okay before Sam arrives.  He has a sinus infection and has to take some antibiotics.  This is not the first time this has happened and  he may have to be on them off and on the rest of his life.  Willie  is just a beautiful, loving cat.  People moved out of a rental house down the street and just left  cats there.  You just wonder how people can do that.  He showed up on the porch and me vowing no more cats, I had a house full at that time, Needless to say he ended up here to stay.  He had a hard time adjusting to living inside but now he is a happy inside cat.   Of course bird watching is a favorite pastime. He is younger than the other cats and will soon have someone to play with.


A friend Jan  had decided to learn to Hook Rugs and since she now lives in another state I suggested that she go onto Deanne Fitzpatrick’s site and watch some video’s.  These are her first two projects.  They are wonderful.  I can’t wait to see her next project.




I have been making candles for years and even made them with my Mom when I was young.  A month before Christmas we would make square candles in milk cartons and then she would melt wax and we would both beat the wax with a hand crank beater till it was fluffy and she would put it all over the box candle and tie a ribbon on it with some Holly.  They were  a very popular Christmas present.

For years I have sold Bee’s Wax candles, they are very popular and I have a wonderful source for fragrant wax.  This year I have decided to make a few Soy Way candles.  Maybe only two or three varieties.  I am also going to make some simmering spices for simmering on the wood stove too. I use them all winter.  I also mix up essential oils and put them in a cast iron pot with water  on the stove.  The scent permeates throughout the house.  Everyone has been after me to sell these so I hope to get them out this fall.  


I was surprised to see all these peaches on the tree.  I hope they ripen before bugs get them.


Some Dyeing

This was a woman’s jacket, now it will be used to make Primitive Sunflowers.



Wish I had more of this, probably have some in my stash.

Many thanks for reading my blog hope you had a nice day.   Carole




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