27 08 2014






Angus passed away today peacefully in the Vets office.  Dr. Funk found a large mass on his liver and we were sure it had spread to his lungs.  3 cats in 2 months is a lot  to handle.  He was 17.  I have had him since he was born.  Now I only have one cat from the Maryland family that is Shorty.

He will be missed.  Angus was and interesting car with a weird purr.  He wanted to be an only cat and for a while I thought he would get his wish. He will see his Mom and siblings Over The Rainbow Bridge.  I appreciate every day that he lived with me he brought me joy and laughter

image (4)

Thank you Ricky for helping me today.







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27 08 2014

Carole, I am so sorry! I can’t believe you lost another cat….what a tough few months you have had. Too many losses. Angus had a good life with you and lived to a ripe old age…though that doesn’t mean you will miss him less. Thinking of you at this sad time. Patti

28 08 2014

Thank you Patti, Its been a rough summer I hope we are at a turning point now. Is your greenhouse there? Big Sam should e here a week from Saturday and that will perk the house up. Hope we can get together soon. Carole

27 08 2014
Anne Wilson

Oh Carole, what can I say, having had the same run of losing three of our lovely cats last winter we know how you feel. He was a lovely looking boy. Take care and I hope the adoption process goes well for you.XXX

28 08 2014

Anne You know exactly how I feel after going through this very same thing recently. I think Big Sam will be here in a week or so. He was ill and is getting better. Sress related I think. Thanks you so much

27 08 2014
Mary Jane

Hi Carole, So sorry to hear about Angus. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our sweet animal friends. Will be thinking of you today, and will give Ruby and Cubby some extra kisses and cuddles in Angus’s memory…

28 08 2014

Mary Jane
I can’t tell you how much you kinds words meant to me, many thanks. Carole

27 08 2014
Francine Keating

Dear Carole, It is so sad that you have lost your purry, furry friend, Angus. He, too, is at the Rainbow Bridge with his kitty family and friends. He certainly had a nice, long life with you. I’m so sorry that you have had yet another loss. I’m thinking of you. Fran

29 08 2014
Dora Friedli

Hi Carole,

I am sorry to read about Angus. It’s sad to lose a good friend, human or animal. Dora

1 09 2014
lisa merian

Dear Carole,
Out thoughts are with you. It is so hard to loose part of your family. You give such love and care to all of your animals they are so lucky to have you. As hard as it is to loose a furry friend, I can’t imagine a life with out them in ours.
You have all your memories , photos, and the stories of there lives. Thank you for sharing apart of you world with us .
Lisa and Marie

1 09 2014

Thank you Lisa and Marie. These last few months have been hard 3 kitties gone. Two were over 17 and then there was poor little Minnie.. I am so lost without them and am in the process of adopting a kitty who needs a home. You know how it is to loose them. We can never replace them but like a friend told me Sammy made a place for another kitty who needs a home and lots of love. I am so glad to hear from you both and thing of you often.

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