11 08 2014


It’s another beautiful morning here on the farm.  The moon was spectacular last night.



 We are expecting rain for tonight and tomorrow. which will be good for the gardens.


The basil is in dehydrator and the smell permeates through the house.  I will have to do at least 3 more batches before I have enough for the winter.  I will get onto drying the dill after the hops.  


I have sage, parsley and cilantro to do too 



I can’t believe that it’s already time to pick the hops.  I picked a pan full last night and will dry them today.  I plan to get another pail full before it rains.  Then I will get started making the Hops Dream Pillows.  I love making them and they sold well last year.    I will be selling hops in a bag for people to make their own pillows and this year I am going to sell them on the vine as a swag.  3 vines at least 3 feet long.  I have seen this done in England.  In fact for many years a hops farm has advertised Hops in a Box.   I will try it.  I have a swag of hops over my bed.


I picked up this book on Amazon some time ago.  It’s an older book and I got it for under a dollar and it was new, plus shipping of course.  I had been going through some old magazines, Countryside to be exact and read a review about this book.  It’s by Stanley Joseph and Lynn Karlin. I am taking my time reading it and enjoying all the wonderful pictures.  If I could pick anywhere in the U.S. to live it would be Maine.  I love the ocean and lakes and the people.  They have a wonderful Organic Farmers group and are very encouraging to women farmers.


Joseph and Lynn bought a house belonging to Helen and Scott Nearing.  They wrote the best-selling book Living The Good Life.  This book takes one through the timeless rhythms of a year on a farm that produces many things, blueberries, willow wine and the list goes on and on.  I am really enjoying this book.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole




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