6 08 2014


photo (14)



Everything is covered with rain drops.  We had a nice gentle rain last night and with that some cooler temps.  It’s hard to believe that we are into August already, this summer has flown by..


photo (13)


I have finally found the right place for the pumpkins.  ON the hill in the back of the house near the barn.  The soil there is deep and rich.  The only problem is that they grow down into the chicken yard below so every day I gently have to pick them up and move them.  I planted at least 4 varieties, all heirloom so it will be interesting to see the outcome.


photo (15)

This bird house was busy all summer.  First with chickadee’s and then with a small finch family.   Now its empty till next year and the spiders have taken over.


The hops near the front porch are  down to just a few plants.  Its become too shady there with the crab apple tree.  I am glad that I transplanted some of them to the side chicken fence where they are doing very well.  Right now they are almost covering the Chicken Caravan and  I am hoping to put some sort of pole over the two fences to support them.  It will be a good crop this year.

photo (10)



i have plant some herbs in this raised bed that I have in the upper garden.  They seem to be doing well.  Basil, chives, sage, parsley, dill and coriander.    This seems to be a good spot for them.

photo (9) I have a small Bay Tree on the porch and some rosemary that are doing very well this year.  There is nothing like fresh or dried herbs from your garden.

The Morning Glories continue to amaze me with all the different colors.  Many thanks for reading my blog today.  Carole

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2 responses

6 08 2014

not quite sure but what is a chickadee? liking you blog x

6 08 2014
Anne Wilson

Hi Carole, love your morning glories, I might try them next year in the tunnel. Have posed photos of the kittens on my blog, I’m sure you will love them.
Hope you managed to get the barn sorted after your last lot of rain. We have sweet corn nearly ready now, about the same time as it would have been in Spain. Hope all you cats are OK and making progress.X

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