3 08 2014




The day started off overcast with some rain but ended up sunny and slightly humid.


Angus is back on antibiotics as his UTI wasn’t gone.  He has now gotten use to going upstairs and now spends most of his day upstairs with Willy.   I think now since he has adjusted to his schedule he will gain back the pound he lost. Today he is very happy.



 For a while I didn’t think he would get better.  With better liver tests and not quite half way through his liver medication I expect a good outcome.


I have been making felted cat toys for an order.  They are fun to make and cats enjoy them.  Shorty especially loves them and has many around the house, he carry’s them around in his mouth.  

image (84)



My Friend Deb reminded me about the movie The SHipping News.  SHe was watching again.  I have movies I like to watch again and again.  SOmetimes it the scenery sometimes its just the movie.  I watched The SHipping News again this past week.  The scenery of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are breath-taking and I love the story and acting.  Another movie I just love is Dancing  At Lughnasa. It takes place in my favorite county in Ireland COunty Donegal. The story is beautiful with laughter and tears.  The scenery spectacular this is one you won’t want to miss its uplifting.   And lastly I love watching Under The Tuscan Sun. The scenery of the Amafi Coast is wonderful.  It’s an uplifting movie with wonderful characters in it.



Samantha and Rosie are doing well.  They are still on antibiotics and will be on them for a while.  Samantha has had a hard time leaving her Mother but now with her new friend, Rosie she is adapting.    The boys are really doing well and are going to be big roosters.  They don’t mind being handled and are friendly.

Everyday there are more and more morning glories opening and they are so beautiful.   I have decided to leave them be, they love it there so it must be the perfect spot for them and if they reseed themselves again that will become The Morning Glory bed and I will move the Herb Bed somewhere else.  The Tansy have set flowers and are getting ready to blossom which means I will have to start gathering them for fall arrangements soon in Charlemont.  When Chris comes back we will trim the willow, and crab-apple trees.  Many branches are rubbing against the house or the roof.  I still have wood to cut up but it seems every day it rains.  I hope we will have a sunny week and I will get that chore done.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope your day is wonderful.  Carole




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